Request for funding @davidtavarez January-April 2023


This is a request for a 4 months period from January to April 2023 in which I would like to continue working on extending the Grin++ APIs, updating the CLI version of Grin++ and improving the Grin++ documentation. By the end of this period the CLI version should be usable connecting to the up-to-date APIs.

Rate: EUR 7.500,00/month.

What do I want to accomplish?

I want to make it easy for people to develop new things on top of Grin++ now and in the future, but that requires a robust API. And that’s what I want to continue to focus on. The current API is very UI-bound at the moment, and this should be improved. I have been working on improving the API using as a guide the API in Rust, the RFC and adding the changes that I think are important.

In order to make sure things are working fine, I will bring to life the CLI version of Grin++, this CLI version should be using the new APIs and it should have a basic compatibility with the Rust API.

Recently @satoshocrat managed to compile the master branch for a Raspberry Pi4, this is a huge step, and simplifies the efforts on increasing portability. I would love to make possible to users to run their Grin++ wallets on their Pi4, and a CLI version seems to be more reasonable to me.


I will continue to express my thoughts freely, if support for this funding request will be used in any way to silence me, please do not support it.


:+1: As much as I am looking forward to grin rust having a GUI, I am also looking forward for Grin++ to have a similar API and CLI version.
The reason why this is so important is because we want in the longer term as much as possible a balanced used of both grin rust and Grin++ for all user groups

  • regular user (GUI)
  • advanced users and ecosystem developers (API +CLI version)

This should ensure there is a balanced number of nodes available for both implementations and that ecosystem developers can develop on top of Grin without having to distinguish between the Rust and C++ implementation. The same logic applies to future implementations of for example Python or Haskell.


We need diversity in Wallets, I also approve.

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This funding request was approved by the community and the community council :tada:.

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