Spring has Sprung in Grinville!

(Image credit goes to Huell from Telegram)

It’s morning in Grinville! It’s the dawn of a bright, new, sun-shiny day. Birds are chirping, there’s a breeze on the air, and the possibilities seem endless. It’s been a longer and colder than normal winter, but as we warm our bones, we can’t help but feel a sense of optimism and smile.

We know the secret. We know the only durable answer to digital, monetary freedom: The world’s most scalable blockchain; privacy by default without complication; AND a linear, fair distribution for long-term security of our chain and our future.

We stroll down the sidewalk into town, whistling as we go, waving to passers-by with a melody in our mind. There it is in the distance, just over the next hill: Grin Wallets and Nodes store. “Could it be?” we wonder. Approaching the door, a deep breath and exhale. Sliding up to the counter with bright, hopeful eyes, “Is it here?” we ask the gentleman who looks curiously like @DavidTavarez . A pause, a grin, “Yes, it’s time.” Rejoice!

He slides the below link across the counter with proud eyes, “make sure you read the updates manual, I think you’re going to love it.”

You review the long list of upgrades and stability fixes:

Wow! Fixes the vexing wallet migration issue from 1.2.7 AND improves stability for Tor, bridges and peer-seeking?

You are dazzled and simply can’t wait to open it. You’ve always been a sucker for UI improvements, let’s see:

You race home, not being able to contain yourself. All your friends deserve to hear the news. The future of decentralized, fair and secure money just got real.


Very Cool, Good job!

Awesome, this should speed up syncing among other benefits. Thanks!