Grin++ Android v0.3.0 (node v1.2.7)

I’m pleased to announce the third release of Grin++ for Android and this is by far a more polished and stable version than the previous one. The first two releases were focused on bringing the full Grin++ node into ARM64 architecture. But now v0.3.0 and subsequent, will bring a better experience for users. We also released v1.2.7-beta.1 of the node for Desktop, which node is included in this release.

Among the biggest highlights we can mention the following:

  • The UI was completely redesigned, unnecessary steps were removed, and colors, fonts and sizes unified. Thanks to the community this version is available in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

  • A bunch of code refactoring was done in order to improve the performance, creating a smother experience.

  • Users must now confirm that they took a backup of their wallet seed phrase.

  • Several facts about grin were also added to the initial screen so users can learn while they wait until the node reaches the minimum amount of peers connection.

  • Another new interesting behavior is that users won’t need to wait one or two hours until the node is fully synced to use the application.

  • Also, a flag is now enabled to add privacy to the application screen, no screenshot are allowed, no screen previews are displayed, all of this to bring more privacy to user, along with previously introduced functionalities like local database encryption of sensitive data and the inability of backing up the app’s data. This means that if you lose your phone it will be extremely difficult to extract your seed even if your phone is rooted.

  • The node management was also improved, notification bar’s buttons now work better.

  • Users can also see whether or not the tor process is running properly.

And now, this is how Grin++ for Android looks like. By tapping on Exit, the node is properly closed.

Initial screen.

During the initial screen, facts about grin are displayed. Users will remain here until the minimum of peers connections are established. After that, if no wallet is found, users will be able to create a new one or restoring a wallet from the seed phrase. It is important to mention that the recover function will be unavailable until the wallet is fully synced. If the node can’t be started, an Error screen with a direct link to the support Telegram group is displayed.

Notification bar.

From here, the user can control some functions of the node process.

Status screen.

This screen shows more information like the percentage of the synchronization and the status of the tor process spawned.


Totally new. Unfinalized transactions are displayed separately. There is no need to open a new tab to see the history, you just need to change the Transaction history filter, which is displaying the pending transactions by default.

Unfinalized transactions.

By clicking on Details the transaction information is opened, from there users can copy or directly share the slatepack message with the receiver. Also, if the user clicks on Finalize they will be redirected to the Finalize screen.


The rest of the transactions can be seen by using the filters. If one clicks on the commitment the application will open the browserGrinExplorer after the user confirms that wants to continue. GrinExplorer is developed by respected CC member @hendi which confirms that no logs are kept.

* In case that it is required, from this screen users can also retry to broadcast the transaction.

Manually receiving.

Nothing special here. After introducing the slatepack message, a screen is opened where the user can copy and share the slatepack message with the sender.

Receiving via Tor.

The wallet reachability checker mechanism was improved. Address’s text color turns green when the wallet is reachable, and orange when the reachability can’t be confirmed. To copy the address just tap on it.

* In order to backup the wallet (see the wallet seed phrase) the user must click on the key icon, confirm their password and fingerprint (when is available).

Downloading Grin++ v0.3.0

This version will be submitted to Google Play soon and everyone should be able to download it from there. In case that Google Play is not preferred, the apk can be obtained from github.

I appreciate all the support and feedback. Special big thanks to @Mokhtar for his help on doing an amazing QA to this version :raised_hands:

Vielen Dank! :beers:


Share button is cool, also for the finalization and receiving would be grate to have “paste” button. Thanks


Thank you for your hard work. I just updated the mobile version. The interface and various changes are amazing and great.

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This is honestly such huge upgrade. I had a lot of issues with sync getting stuck and some other issues with v1.2.6. Then I tried v1.2.7 beta1 and the UI improvements are amazing, but still syncing was getting stuck occasionally. But now with beta2 those issues seem to be fixed too, and so far the experience has been excellent.

Grin++ Android 0.3.2 includes the latest fixes of the node (beta 2 of v1.2.7). Can be downloaded from here

More fixes are coming and probably a stable v1.2.7 release.

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