@davidtavarez Progress update thread Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2021

Hello, this is my progress update for my active funding request.


Here you can see how to use Grin++ for Android to send and receive grins. The node runs by days without any crash. Now I will focus on improving the UI/UX. Also, I’m going to update the nuget package to be compatible also with grin-wallet. It would be nice if I could publish a npm package that helps others developers to communicate with the grin API.

I’ll keep the Community posted :wave:


Hello, this is my progress update. First, I have to say that I’m sorry that I did not post an update before, this have been a long month.

  • I updated the dev packages of Grin++ Desktop UI. We’re now using TypeScript 4.1.1, Electron 11.2.3, and React 16.14.0 and many more. This fixes important vulnerabilities, but more important increases the performance considerably, in other words: it runs faster. Also, I can now decouple the code better so the components could be reusable very easily.

  • Grin++ v1.2.5.beta.2 is out. Some highlights are:

    • Some bugs regarding the booting up of the local node were fixed.
    • Support for Windows 7 was improved.
    • The service that checks the availability of the wallet was moved to a new server, therefore now it is more stable.
    • The restrictions on sending coins without an address were removed from the app.
    • A http address was temporally added to the Receive screen, which is in fact a tunnel for the onion address.
    • A lot of unused code was removed.
  • On Grin++ Android v0.2.0 the node management was improved. It is almost ready to be published on Google Play, but if you want to take a look before you can find the apk here.

    • Screens were polished a bit and the UI looks more consistent.
    • Dependencies were also updated to run a bit faster.
    • A new screen was added, now users can change some settings on mobile too.

This month I struggled a lot updating the codebase of the Desktop UI, that was a big time consuming task, but now I can finally focus on improving the code quality and finally decoupling the components to make them reusables on any grin related project (grin-walllet & grin++).


  • Greek :greece: translation was added. Thanks to @nirg.
  • The Help section was translated into russian. Thanks to Danila.
    • The Help section can be now also translated to any language.