Request for Funding, @davidtavarez: Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2021


On December 14th my funding from the previous campaign expired. This is a request for a 3 months period (Jan - Mar 2021).

Rate: €6,000/month .
Working time: 28 hrs/week.

What do I want to achieve in these next 3 months?

My main focus will be to take Grin++ mobile to a stable version, this will require at least:

  • to keep the arm64 branch of Grin++ up to date with master.
  • improve the Tor interaction.
  • fix the found bugs during the beta period.
  • allow to Initialize a transaction without requiring an address.
  • add more detailed information of the transaction.
  • include translations to another languages.
  • work on improving the UI.

Working on the mobile app will also lead me to improve the nuget package that I also published; I’m starting to work on decoupling the UI of the business logic as much as I can in order to make the UI reusable for any other project. I will also be documenting this package.

The grinchck service works pretty stable and seems to be widely used by the Community and it is embedded on Grin++ (Desktop and Mobile) . Since I’m willing to contribute to IronBelly I want to bring that feature to all users. This will require that the Wallet is updated as planned.

As the community is aware of, I am also working on the Desktop UI of Grin++, which requires to be ready for the next HF and some work should be done in order to add more features requested by the Community.

What changed regarding my previous request?

The requested rate is greater than my previous request and the hours per week is slightly less, why? I was too optimistic with the estimation and totally underestimated the amount of work, which made me spent a huge amount of extra hours to meet the deadline. I have finished totally burned-out and I take all the responsibility. This time I want to keep a good pace during a longer period of time, because I plan to keep contributing during 2021.


I’ll be adding this request to the agenda for the next Governance meeting, I guess it is on December 29th 2020.


This is a no-brainer. You blew us all away with the results of your last funding round. I’m excited to see that you’re willing to continue contributing to Grin. Igno knows there’s still plenty more work to do :slightly_smiling_face:


You managed to do what many told couldn’t be done. That is only for the greatest.

I vote for this funding request. Because 2020 would be unbearable depressing if you would leave this project.


I totally support !
GRIN has become user friendly thanks to the work done.


Full support, thank you for the amazing job :rocket: :rocket: grin ++ (desktop and mobile) is def user friendly now and will help people to onboard better.

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Thank you @davidtavarez for your work and also for your corss-support for other wallets. :smiley: :+1:

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Great work @davidtavarez, What I though would be an impossible task to complete in such as short time, you made happen :muscle:
In full support of extending your funding.

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100% behind this guy. What great work and what a great community member!


100% support, without him no adoption at all.

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