Building Grin++ for Raspberry Pi4

One of the biggest challenges is to be able to cross-compile dependencies, that’s why Grin++ uses vcpkg, which is a cross-platform open source package manager. In order to simplify the building process I decided to use dockcross. The branch is public for everyone and can be found here: and inside there is a Dockerfile.

Te process is really straight forward:

  • Make use of linux-arm64 docker image (based on debian:stretch-20190326-slim) which includes the toolchain.
    • Install dependencies.
  • Download, build and install vcpkg.
  • Build Grin++
  • Build Tor.

After some minutes, maybe 10 minutes, depending on the PC resources, we can finally extract the binary and run Grin++ on your Pi4.


$ git clone
$ cd GrinPlusPlus
$ git checkout linux-arm64
$ docker build -t grinpp-linux-arm64 .
$ docker run -ti --rm grinpp-linux-arm64 bash
$ docker container ls
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
6524f0250ac0        grinpp-linux-arm64   "/dockcross/entrypoi…"   9 seconds ago       Up 9 seconds                            dazzling_perlman
$ docker cp dazzling_perlman:/work/output/linux-arm64 output

An off topic question: tor doesn’t start automatically when I start Grin++. And the address never appears. My OS: MacOS 10.15.7. Grin++ version: 1.1.3. Thanks!

Try to install tor using brew:

$ brew install tor

You can also join the Grin++ Telegram Group:

Unfortunately, tor has been installed before I run Grin++. And I’ve checked that tor can be started in Term.

Join the telegram group, that’s the main support channel, I will happy to help you.

Sorry, I have difficulties in joining telegram in mainland China. I tried it by using Socks 5 proxy but I still cannot login.

This sounds like a task for GRIN to help censored areas of the world.

Are you allowed to use VPN (e.g. NordVPN, or Perfect-Pivacy) from mainland China, or use TOR if this is technical possible using OrBot on Android for example to route all traffic to Tor.

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The latest version of Grin+++ is up and running pretty good on Linux ARM64 now:

I published a binary here:

Also, the code can be compiled using Docker.