Request for funding @davidtavarez August-December 2022


This is a request for a 5 months period from August to December 2022 in which I would like to delve into reviewing the Grin++ Node and Owner APIs. The main goal are:

  • To be able to use the APIs of both the Rust and C++ implementations of Grin interchangeably.
  • To be able to configure Grin++ via the UI this will requires to add more endpoints to the APIs.
  • To improve mobile application by applying the feedback received so far.

Rate: EUR 7.500,00/month .

What do I want to accomplish?


Lately I have been talking a lot about the need to build a Grin ecosystem, but to achieve this it is important to unify certain things, including the way in which you interact with the API. For this reason I will be working in that direction in the next months. I now have a better idea of the grin-wallet API after supporting one of the developers of an Exchange and having written a basic introduction on how to properly communicate with the grin-wallet API plus bash scripts for it. This will be my starting point.

Configuration via the UI

Another thing that I think would add value is to allow users to do most configurations using the UI directly, instead of having to do it manually by opening the config file. For this I will have to add more endpoints to the API.

Android application

The latest version of the Android seems to work well, but some minor changes still need to be made. I would like to apply the little feedback received so far.

Important notes.

By the end of this year, Grin++ should be “mature” enough for me to concentrate on other things. We’ll see what the next challenge will be.

I can’t keep it up with the React, TypeScript & Co., releases cycles. So don’t expect the UI to change too much. I will only add the minimum required changes.

The rate change can be explained by the next:

  • Last time I planned to spend less time per week, but I always end up spending much more time than planned. By a lot. I underestimated the effort, and ended up “shooting myself in the foot”. That’s on me.
  • Stupid inflation.


I want to continue to express my thoughts freely, if the support to this funding request will be used in any way to silence me, please do not support it. Also, I am part of the Community Council and will, of course, inhibit myself from voting that day.


Looks good, can you add sub-bulletpoints and th currency for the rate you request 7500/?month. Is that full time or parttime?

I do not understand the question.

I thought you post missed the currency, but now i see it states it is in EUR, so that is fine. It is always good to mention how much time you plan to work, e.g. full time, 4 days a week etc.

For the API part it is fine as is, but what do you mean with the configuring part, some subbullet points with details would be nice. Also for bugs/feedback points you want to fix, add a few subbullet points for more details.

  • For the APIs: I mentioned the tutorial I wrote about the Owner API, I also wrote bash scripts, I also mentioned that those will be my starting point. Being able to use the same scripts against both implementations I think could be considered as a baseline for an Acceptance Criteria.

  • For the Configuration via the UI: there are about 35 parameters, a rough estimate would be probably 12 of them could be safely exposed through the API and/or the CLI.

  • For the Android application: At least, I would like to reintroduce (reintroduce because after testing a bit more I removed this in order to improve the logic) the possibility to control the node from the application and manage preferred pairs and tor bridges.

If I have time, which I don’t think but we’ll see, I want to test this with the Grin++ framework: Python Bindings: Calling C or C++ From Python – Real Python. If one could just import the compiled libraries directly to Python or Node or C#, I think it could simplify the development of something on Grin without having to rewrite anything or connect to the API, but this is just a guess, there are many challenges and many unknowns here, but maybe it is worth a try.

Sorry, I don’t have a detailed planification to list here, but I hope this answers your questions.