Request for funding @davidtavarez Nov-Jan 2021/22


This is a request for a 3 months period (November 2021 - January 2022). During this period I want to focus on improving Grin++, specially the Android version. I also want to invest time on improving the support of Grin++t for Raspberry Pi.

Rate: €5,000/month .


I’ve been working on fixing a bunch of issues with the Android version during these months, there are too many Android versions and too many different devices. Thanks to some loyal users I’ve been able to find and fix some of those issues, but the amount of work has been unbearable, so I apologize for the delays.

There are a lot of stuff that I’m planning to work on, but I feel that it is better if I focus only in one thing at a time.

What do I want to achieve?

I don’t feel like Grin++ experience is yet what I think Grin’s Community deserves. I want during this period, to focus most of my time on improving Grin++ for Android and Raspberry Pi. I’ve been struggling with all these different Android devices, even with the same OS version, each device behaves differently. I’ve achieved some good progress but still a lot of work has to be done.

I’m also experimenting with a new UI on Android which I think will make things easier. I want to finally release that experience to everyone. Grin++ works decently on the Raspberry Pi, but it requires more testing.


I’ve been contributing to Grin for a while in the broad sense, but more specifically to Grin++. I was funded twice in the past (here and here). I feel too much passion for Grin and I want to keep contributing to Grin like I’ve been doing since 2019.

I want to keep being vocal with my thoughts, if this funding request will somehow be used to silence me, please, do not support this.


I’m part of the CC and of course, I will inhibit myself of voting that day.

I’m adding this request to the Agenda of the Community Council (CC), 12 October 2021


100% Support! We love you and your brilliant work, David

Very good. I’m in support.

Definitely in support of David and his long track record of good work for grin

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Added to agenda of 12 October meeting.

I fully support your request even if I am also part of the GRIN community council , I have to say its critical we keep developing GRIN++

100% support, we need wallet UI and innovations in that


I support this request.
Wallet development has a big impact on how users experience Grin in day to day life and for that continuously work to improve that experience is required.

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100% back david T development of grin++ especially the mobile version is crucial

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This funding request has been granted in the Community Council meeting of Tuesday 12 October :tada: