Request for funding @davidtavarez (Grin++ mobile wallet)


I’m planning to release a mobile version of Grin++ for the next, and maybe the latest, hardfork (around Jan 15 2021), therefore I would like to spend more time and energy on this task, that’s why I’m opening a request for a 3 months funding period. I want to have a fully featured mobile wallet.


I met Grin at the begining of 2019 and got attached to the idea of a cryptocurrency built to be used as a means of payments. I ended up contributing to Grin++ by completely rewriting the UI codebase at that moment to bring a clean, truly easy to use and multilanguage Desktop Wallet. Now I want to do the same but for Mobile.

I’m a believer of " dogfooding " or " eating your own food " and maybe that’s the main reason why Grin++ is widely accepted since even though I’m a developer, I try to think and see things as a real world user. I want to do the same with the mobile version of Grin++.

What do I want to achieve?

These are some cool features I will try to bring to the mobile app:

  • All current Grin++ functionalities: Multiple accounts, Multi-language (12 different idioms) and Coin Control.
  • Address availability checker (as the Desktop version has).
  • Sending and Receiving Grin via Tor, Slatepack and NFC (based on Slatepacks)
  • QR scanning.
  • Backup/Restore seed wallet.
  • and many more…

Also, we’re going to have an ARMv7 binary of the backend that could be used in any other project.

Some FAQs

  • Will the wallet be compatible with grin-wallet ?
    • No, but it could be if someone wants to create a wrapper for grin-wallet and fork the project.
  • Will users be able to use a remote node/wallet?
    • In theory and with some work, yes, but I would not recommend this at least the user knows exactly what they are doing.
  • Will this just cover the effort needed for an UI?
    • No.
  • What tool am I using?
    • Xamarin (C#).
  • Did I already started?
    • Yes, but I would like to dedicate more effort to finish this before January 2021.
  • Why should this mobile version be funded?
    • Having more choices is healthy for the community, more options = more decentralization.

Funding request

€4k/month .

About me

I’m a Senior Software Engineer, focused on being a (Security oriented) Full Stack Developer. I define myself as a Cryptoanarchist, in my free time I write Open Source and I’m currently the Lead UI Developer for Grin++.


Grin++ is a great wallet (and node), I’m sure Grin++ mobile will be awesome as well.
Well deserved funding request.


Great idea, I can’t wait for it.


I’m biased, but imho, there are few people more deserving. David has done an incredible job of making Grin++ more accessible to everyday users. He writes professional quality code, is always happy to support it, and has an obvious passion for the technology, the community, and the mission of Grin.

If the core team decides that they’re ready to start funding community projects, this is an obvious place to start.


This is an awesome idea, especially considering Ironbelly’s tenuous rate of development. If Grin++ could bring mobile transactions via QR codes it would be an amazing development for Grin’s usability!


I fully support this request.

David is a fantastic dev and an incredible asset to the grin team.


David has done an amazing work so far, I would love to see this funding request go through. A mobile wallet is a must for a wide adoption.


This sounds fantastic to me.


100% support. €4k/mo is low as hell and the work will will be top notch


I support this request.

Is this a full node on the mobile or a light one?


Full support, i really like how Grin ++ UI is simple i can only hope for the same thing on mobile


Ecosystem is heating up,full support.

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year 2021 looks very interesting :smiley:


Full support of course ! :clap:t3:


In full support. Best to fund both Grin++ and Ironbelly and see which wallet(s) will work and stay supported on the long run.
-> I would love to have the option to run a full node on my mobile.


Great News, can’t wait to have Grin++ on my mobile device!

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I like Grin++, lets go mobile!

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All fine in principle, @davidtavarez has been an upstanding community member.

Obviously think that if this is approved, it’s understood that anyone should be able to fork the Grin++ GUI for use with Grin-wallet.

Is there any reason using the Grin++ GUI with grin-wallet would require a fork as opposed to a refactor to allow an ‘adapter’ type approach? Grin-wallet has a very comprehensive API and from what I can tell the Grin++ GUI is calling out to a similar looking API.


grin-wallet lacks APIs for coin control (solvable), and multi-user support (also solvable, but would require significant rework).

Could Grin++ mobile support the option to run a full node? With settings so the node only downloads and validates when the user tells it to/ so it’s not always serving data to other nodes in the background.