@davidtavarez Progress update thread Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2021

Final update related to this funding request. These are the Highlights:

Grin++ Desktop

  • The UI for Grin++ Desktop stability was improved. We’re using another server for the availability checker and also important fixes were made on how this works internally.
  • All the packages were updated to recent versions, fixing vulnerabilities and making the app feel faster.
  • More translations were added for Grin++ and the support for Windows 7 was improved.

Grin++ Android

  • A lot of bug fixing work was done, specially in Sending and Receiving transactions.
  • A new screen was added where users can change basic settings.
  • The embedded node is up to date with the master branch.
  • Screens styles were improved and unified.


Since we want and need more contributors, improving the codebase is now a priority. Bugs will be fixed, of course, but before adding more features we should make things easier for anyone willing to collaborate, this also includes documenting a lot on both sides: backend and frontend, decoupling the code, and more.

I will also want to see the possibility of generate multiple address for a wallet, and a standard API definition, both of these 2 things will require a RFC.

Thank you for the support! :rocket:

Edit: There is a RFC from September 30th, 2019 regarding the API, but I believe that it can be improved.