@davidtavarez contributions summary & logs

In the interest of transparency and accountability, I will update this post from time to time. Feel free to provide feedback and ask questions about my work and contributions to Grin so far. Thank you very much.

Grin++ roles and contributions (until 30th April 2023):

Grin++ Desktop UI Main Developer & Maintainer.

  • Additions: 58,015
  • Deletions: 36,469
  • Technology: Typescript + React + Electron

Grin++ Mobile UI Main Developer & Maintainer.

  • Additions: 40,179
  • Deletions: 13,126
  • Technology: C# + Xamarin

Grin++ CLI + Nostr (WIP) Main Developer & Maintainer.

  • Additions: 2,460
  • Deletions: 3,306
  • Technology: Python

Grin++ Node/Wallet Maintainer & Developer.

  • Additions: 806,553
  • Deletions: 1,345
  • Technology: C++


Grin API tutorial

Grin Community Public Nodes

Grin1 address reachability checker API:

General GitHub metrics.


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Good job, bro! From my experience I had problems with building Grin++ under Linux (installer is needed it seems) and same problem with last version on Android:

True. I need to find time to write documentation for Grin++, I will, eventually; although documenting is very boring I want to open some space to create a good Wiki or repo just for this kind of stuff. My best advice is to take a look into CI Action. Sorry for making you go there for now.


Can you link API and Grin++ CLI to Progress Tracking scheme ?

No, and I never agreed on participating on any “Progress Tracking Scheme”. I post regularly, I’m reachable, I share updates, links, post, code, etc., I release things when they’re ready.

When things are released you can link whatever you want.

In order to follow a “Progress Tracking Scheme”, it should be properly defined, and a “Project Manager” role should be created.

Keep me out of that. Thank you.