Grin++ v1.2.5 (Desktop) available now!

Grin++ v.1.2.5 it is available now. This version includes 15 different translations, a faster booting up mechanism for the node, an improved availability checker and basic console to debug issues, simpler sending and receiving screens, and of course, bug fixes.

Reporting an issue.

First, go to the Console screen by click on the console icon here:

You will see something like the next screen where you can see the list of Connected Peers, the Headers, Block and Network height, and you an indictor whether both, Node and Tor, are running.


There are 3 types of logs:

  • Node Logs. This logs are related to the specifically to the Node. If there is a problem, for instance, running the node you will find more details here.
  • UI Logs. The GUI is connected to the Node, but sometimes a call may fail, maybe there is a problem sending the API request or the UI fail to display a proper feedback to the user. These kind of message will be stored here.
  • Wallet Logs. After login in, you will see another button to get details on operations like sending and receiving coins.

Now, you can either, open an issue in Github or report the issue using the Telegram Support Group. If you need support asap, please use Telegram.


Keep up the good work. In every update the wallet looks better and better.

Congrats! Awesome update especially the 15 new translations!

Definitely, here more screenshots:

  1. Chinese.
  2. German.
  3. English.
  4. Spanish.
  5. Persian.
  6. France.
  7. Greek.
  8. Italian.
  9. Dutch.
  10. Polish.
  11. Portuguese.
  12. Russian.
  13. Slovakian.
  14. Ukrainian.
  15. Turkish.

All help is welcomed to improve each translation.

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I still think adding some newbie/noob friendly naming’s ( interface ) would even increase the usability even more. We talked about this a few months ago, when we both got confused about what wallet we were talking.

I noticed that a lot of designers/programmers always make it too complicated than it have to be. I wont blame people for that because thinking difficult makes it also harder to think less complicated :wink:

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I would also like to see something like Ironbelly desktop version

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Wouw, tested and this is radically faster :smiley:. 10X faster I estimated :rocket:


Wow so much faster !

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