Grin++ v0.2.0 (Android) available now!

Grin++ v0.2.0 (Android) is available now in Google Play. If you’re not using Google Play, you can download the apk directly from here.

  • A new screen was added, now users can change settings like the minimum and maximum of Connected Peers and minimum of Confirmations.
  • Screens have now a unified style and colors.
  • Unused message field was removed.
  • Set amount screen was simplified.
  • Node was updated to version 1.2.5.
  • Bugs fixes.

Report any issue using the Telegram Support Group. If you need support asap, please use Telegram.


Thanks so much :pray: @davidtavarez
Update from Google Play Store (29.66 MB)

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Now, some screenshots! :yellow_heart:


Thank you for your works. @davidtavarez

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well done @davidtavarez

This is outstanding. So much hard work put into this, I can tell.

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great work!

on grapheneos i had to ‘restart node’ after install, after it sat at 0.0%

Tab “RESYNC” instead, this will download the chain again. Make sure you have enough space available, at least 2 gigabytes.

Working like a charm, thank you for your work @davidtavarez

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