Grin++ Wallet and Node v1.2.7 is out!

This release is mostly focused on improving the synchronization process. Thank you to those loyal community members who help testing and reporting issues, you know who you are. Thank you.

  • Added ability to pass config file path on starting node.
  • Added preferred peers, blocked peers and allowed peers feature.
  • Reduced buffer size due to slow peers.
  • Improved sockets handling.
  • Fixed issues connecting to peers.
  • Fixed node crashes.
  • Fixed Segmentation Fault on peers manager.
  • Fixed Transport endpoint is not connected on Seeder.
  • Fixed problems pruning inactive peers.
  • Fixed problems with empty config.
  • Fixed problems updating peers configuration through the API.
  • Fixed connections numbers calculation.
  • Fixed socket connection instability while synching.
  • Fixed issues terminating Tor process.
  • Fixed issues downloading state.