Grin++ Wallet - no peers?

Ive been running this Grin++ wallet for about a month now. Most of the time it’s just “Waiting for Peers”, and can’t connect. I have deposits waiting to be made, but the wallet won’t sync up. Need help/advice?

Try to rysync node, it should take about 30 minutes or little longer

I suggest to use official grin-wallet which also available in windows, take less than 30 mins to learn basic commands.


Do you have the latest version? There was a seed nodes update. I don’t know if it’s in the beta or main release already.

can you send me the PR not sure if the nodes from made it into it?
We run a few Grin++ nodes since a long time.

In telegram, Grin++ dev said the app is aggressively banning peers and he is working on a new version.

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I’ve found that every time I want to use Grin++, I have to resync the node.

That being said… I generally use Grin++ about once or twice a month only, so not sure if activity plays a role in p2p connections.

Be sure to shutdown Grin++ gracefully. If it is literally every time, that could only happen with some database corruption or something. Apart from that, Grin++ can be meticulous in banning peers especially grin (rust nodes), to much, David is working on a fix.