Is GRIN still alive?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if someone could brief me on GRIN status.

  1. From the website I read that project was funded well - like 100 BTC but the wallets listed there are all cleaned out. Is there a community fund anymore? What happened to the original funding?

  2. Is there anyone developing GRIN who were on the original team? And what happened to the original team?

  3. Is anything really going on with GRIN? Is it being developed? I see discussions about forks, what are they?

  4. Who is in control of the project if anyone?

Any input is very welcome. Thanks guys!

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  1. There are still funds remaining. The original fund was split into the core fund and community fund, which have 50 and 25 BTC remaining respectively. Each has a “council” of signature holders who can approve spending.

  2. Yes. From what I saw the original “team” would’ve been Igno, Yeastplume, Tromp, and maybe Antioch. Yeastplume and Tromp are still here. There are likely some other original contributors who I didn’t notice or remained hidden.

  3. Grin is in a pretty chill state, the scheduled hardforks and proof of work changes of its early years are done. It has seen and survived an inflation attack. Protocol wise PIBD is slowly underway, but it doesn’t change anything functionally about Grin it’s just a more robust syncing method. The most activity is on grin-gui which will put the core node and wallet into a gui app which is cool.

  4. Grin has always eschewed control. There is no formal organization, no singular leader (besides igno), and especially no legal entity. In a way the miners are in control, they control the consensus. In another way the community is in control, we could adopt a fork if we disagree with the miners. Personally, I’m going with whatever Yeastplume and Tromp say as long as they’re here. If they’re both gone or they enter profound disagreement anytime soon, then we have a problem.


Oh wow, what a great and elaborate response. Thank you!


To add to what @Trinitron posted

Perhaps the most exciting thing being developed atm is CoinSwap, which obfuscates the tx graph, breaking linkability. So a Grin tx could have a similar level of privacy to a Monero tx.

Development progress thread:

Grin ++ an implementation of Grin written in C++ is in constant development:

There’s also a Python implementation being worked on:

But unfortunately development has stalled due to issues around the API Owner API finalize_tx responds with Fee: Missing fee fields error · Issue #635 · mimblewimble/grin-wallet · GitHub we are lacking core devs atm and rely solely on @Yeastplume so we need to fund another core dev.

Grin recently became available on Ledger :

There’s also another ledger implementation being worked on here: Grin ledger hardware wallet progress thread by @markhollis - #72 by Cryptised

You can follow the regular updates by signing up to our bi-weekly newsletter:


Thanks a huge bunch! I started lurking and reading updates in the last couple months but without an intro like yours and Trinitron’s it’s hard to get a grasp on a high level.

Seconded. I wonder if there’s a way to boost the image of the project. Clearly good work is being done, but its hard to notice without looking closely. Grin needs a marketing effort to complement the engineering efforts.


I recommend rooting for Grin to remain healthy internally, which it is, and enjoying the quiet here. Grin was already recognized by the important parties at mainnet launch and it didn’t make the market get it. When they get it they will get it, until then it is ours.

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Grin will expect Mach more PAIN
the reason is this Binance Will Delist BEAM on 2023-01-26 | Binance Support

I think you meant to post this on Beam’s forum


Yes of course :joy: but grin will painfully struggle anyway

Based on which logical reasoning…I think you mean to say you want Grin to dip and fill your pockets with more ツ.
I know FUD when I read it :wink: .


I think you are confused. That article is about Beam, not Grin.

Of course i am confused from your ability do not understand simple thing.

For me, it’s sound like a great victory of Grin.
Binance signed Beam’s death stop probably due to fraud or embezzlement.
While the remnants of BEAM are stripped by the vultures, GRIN will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

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Finally Grin price is doubled than Beam

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its no surpise to me that Beam is being outperformed by Grin.


Of course, it’s live, more than ever, since so much drama is played on it, and prices and news are always suppressed

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