Cekickafa Progress Update Sept -December

Hello Grin Community,

Here is my progress update as Groundskeeper for the period of two weeks 15 March - 27 March.

  • I have prepared two tutorial videos about showing, how Grin is easy to use with slatepack transactions on tradeogre.com
    Withdraw -Receive GRIN Coins

    Deposit-Send GRIN Coins

    Since Grin was labeled as hard to use before Slatepack method. Thanx to our developers ツ, it is more easy now.
    It is hard to break this prejudgement, i wanted to emphasize Grin usability, easy way to transact with slatepack method.
    With different language subtitle support videos, Grin tx method can be understood by the mass of people.
    More videos will be about wallets and transactions.

  • I have posted recent Grin developments and updates on Grin_MW twitter, Reddit reddit, [bitcointalk]) ( Latest posts of: Cekikafa ) twitter Grin Africa

  • I have collected materials, news and info for GrinPost, I will publish it next week.

  • I have updated active exchanges/mining pools list on grincc/hub repo

  • I have done various minor tasks given by GrinCC.

  • Bisq initiated, contacted developers about some connection problem atm. Working on it for steps.

Feedbacks are welcome. Thank you all. ツ

Edit: my 2 numbers banned from discord last week. i am hard to contact there atm.


Good idea to give updates on your progress :+1: I do think there’s a low hanging fruit that can make a big difference to some of us. For instance, it’s a huge difference for me to read

It is hard to break this prejudgement , i wanted to emphasize Grin usability , easy way to transact with slatepack method .


It is hard to break this prejudgement, i wanted to emphasize Grin usability, easy way to transact with slatepack method.

The only difference is the spaces around commas, dots. I’m mentioning because I saw this also on the tweets and posts and I think all of these could benefit from this minor improvement :+1:

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Continuing the discussion from Cekickafa Progress Update Thread:

Hi Grin Community,
My progress update for the period of 27 March - 15 April.

GRIN Links

  • Contacted platforms like Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Coincheckup, Coinlib, Livecoinwatch
    GRIN old site and links removed, fixed with existing site, github page. Added forum link,telegram and reddit page also. Some of them are still going on.

    This old links were not good for first impression. Coincheckup

  • Bisq
    Yes, we are all excited about Bisq GRIN integration, many devs spent time and contributed for this.
    Grin Community Counsil effort is undeniable.
    For me it is hard to use, for a newbie no comment. I encountered a seed nodes problem everytime i connect and lastly managed to overcome it, thanks to bisq devs. I will make a review for this anyway at a later time.

    Dailymotion Community video channel.

  • Opened another Grin community channel for various videos to share with GRIN keywords and tags . Anybody can send me videos and can be published there about Grin.
    Here is a video about GRIN Slatepack Transactions with Carrier Pigeons and Hogwarts Owl.

Active exchanges feedback.

  • ZB Exchange Tor adresses are working now. They use MEMO and 1000 confirmations just like Gateio. Low liquidity at the moment.
  • Bkex
    TOR adresses are still not stable. I managed to deposit with contacting support after several days. :frowning:

P.S : I contact them ASAP. Do your own research about exchanges and use at your own Risk !

Feedbacks are welcome. Thanks in advance. You can contact me at @cekickafa keybase, discord, telegram, bitcointalk, reddit, twitter. DMs are open.

Just GRIN ツ .


Hello Grin Community.
My progress update for the period of 15 April- 30 April is presented below.

Ramping Turkish Community,

Due to big crypto penetration at my local area, i opened some Grin Tr channels to inform Turkish community about Grin progress and engage directly. Turkiye is a very large market for crypto and also very crypto friendly, has largest mobile and internet users in mid-asia and euro area. Crypto adoption is very fast due to high inflation. i felt obliged to ramp this local community.


From the last Binance twit about MimbleWimble, it become obvious that altough Grin is the real deal, the first implementation of MimbleWimble tech, all other crypto projects begin to own it much more than us. :smiley:

I invite you all to join MimbleWimble channels. Grin unique features should be voiced, that it differs from other MimbleWimble implementations.

Reddit MimbleWimble
MimbleWimble Telegram

As Grin Community Council suggestion, more activity and engagement needed from community.

Any crypto project needs a strong community. And if you got a strong community you can achieve quite a lot.
Simply Grin ツ

Any feedback is welcome. Thank you.


congratulations. this is great news

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My progress update period from May to June.

  • Agenda and Meetings

  • Published MimbleWimble Grin & Blockchain Simplicity.

  • Grinpost NewsLetter Biweekly
    May #1
    May #2

  • Local Grinpost Letter Biweekly

  • Regular updates at Grin channels about Grin progress and news.
    MimbleWimble Reddit
    Bitcointalk Tr
    Twitter channels : MW_Grin , Grinkoin, GrinAfrica

  • Created a Grin account for commenting about News for engaging other crypto communities.I need to get reputation there, so i can open POLLS about GrinMW soon. Crosscheck interaction with likes and comment is useful imo to get attention.

  • I dont have knowledge :laughing: about Rust but i tried to engage with RUST developer people, if you can reply here, to make thread alive, it would be good.
    Grin Rust İmplementation - The Rust Programming Language Forum

  • Monitoring exchanges, Mining Pools and Asic vendors. Informing Community and GrinCC.

  • Youtube channel and Dailymotion
    Lately i didnt add video here, but i prepared some materials, video editing takes some time unfortunately, but i use channel also to give likes and comments to other crypto videos for interaction.

    Simply Grin ツ

    Any feedback is welcome. Thank you.


My progress update for period June to July.

Grinpost biweekly Newsletters

  1. Grinツ Silence before Storm. :cyclone: #08
  2. Grin June Grinツ :cherries: June GRIN Telegram Bot-New Tools, Satoshi Vision & MW​:zero::nine:
  3. Grin :watermelon: *PIBD a novel sync method & *Wallet-API Tutorial :one::zero:
  4. Grinツ * :coffee: ツ Community meetups revive. :one::one:

Meeting Notes & Agenda


My progress report for August- September:

Meeting notes and Agenda

GRIN Newsletters


  • Updated Grin docs contributing links.
  • Updated Grin resources (ready for review).
  • Submitted request to coinmarketcap for the ‘‘Circulating supply/ indicator supply cap’’ (waiting for reply).
  • Minor tasks given by GrinCC.
  • Contacted with ipollo (ASIC) for adding Grin to live price widget in ipollo.com main page.

Feedback are welcome ツ Thank you.


Report September to December.

Meeting Notes and Agenda PR

Quarterly Transparency reports & spending logs

Donation of 2 G1 mini ASIC for testnet.

Recent PIBD and GUI wallet development has reached a point where active testnet activity is necessary. To this end, I reached out to two ASIC vendors (ipollo.com , NHASH) and requested test miners to support the development of Grin in coordination with Grin Community Council. Fortunately, both ipollo and NHash responded favourably. Two donated G1-Mini ASICS were delivered to @Mattczt and @navie , two community members. Currently, Testnet is actively running.

Grin Mining Tutorial
Helped publishing Grin Mining Tutorial to ipollo website.

GRIN Istanbul Meetup
Organized Grin Istanbul meetup which was remarkably successful and productive in my opinion.

Thank you ツ

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