Grin community projects - brainstorm & kickstart - funding available

Dear all, I started this topic to:

    (yes I love to capitalize)

During the last governance meeting it was decided that funding will be made available of which the spending will be mostly community governed. This funding is seperate from the funding for core development of Grin and will be used to fund interesting and fun Grin related projects.

Everyone is free to:

  • submit ideas
  • brainstorm
  • discuss
  • upvote
  • downvote

Or in any other way contribute to the process of kickstarting non-core related Grin community projects. To give some examples, here are some of my crazy brain-farts/community ideas of which some are rather unfeasible.

  1. Starting a test(net) Grin exchange
  2. Building a web plugin to allow webstores to accept payments in grin
    -was worked on long ago, not sure about the status
  3. Building a name system on top of addresses to make Grin more human friendly
  4. Implementing atomic swap for Grin
    -was worked on long ago, not sure about the status
  5. Build a private chat system that use the Grin network, litening network like WhatSat or memory-pool for messages or for example for public key exchange
    -credits of the idea go to @Mokhtar
  6. Build a Signal or Telegram (Telegrin @FirsArgentum) plugin to automatically send, accept slate packs in messages from contacts for seamless integration with Ironbelly and Grin++ mobile wallet

Community ideas

  1. Educational material in a form of short (Doodel) videos exlaining Grin’s origin, higher level working and technicals
    -credits of this idea go to @oryph
  2. Improved cold storage, e.g. a seperate sign key for accepting Grin payments (hot privatekey) and sending Grin (cold privatekey).
    -credits of this idea go to @grn
  3. Build a Grin faucet to allow new users to play around with nano-grin/gots (10^-9 Grin) and learn how transactions work.
    -credits of this idea go to @EucliwoodHellscythe
  4. Write the first, well seccond if you count the Grinoire, Grin book
    -credits of the idea go to @minexpert
  5. Creating a one click installer for grin + grin-wallet for all platform as a bounty
  6. Creating an Aidrop workflow, pregenerated seed phrases
    -used in a temporary account to accept e.g. 1 Grin
    -with a special marker to make it so they can only be used to import and move funds to a wallet and not in ‘recover wallet from seed phrase’ since this would create a comromised wallet/
    -for the future, possibly implement more complex and fun airdrops by e.g. using custom salts such as GEO location to attract cryptographers

…In other words, what would you like to see added to the grin ecosystem? Let us know which of the above projects you l(dis-)ike, or which community project ideas should be added to the list. Think crazy, be realistic and even better, get your hands and mouth dirty by getting involved in discussions, or even better, in the building process of these community projects.
Funding is waiting to be spend on any cool and feasible community projects :grin:.


regarding the chat system, i added this issue to grinplusplus. i think we can build something over slatepack address and use it to receive both payments AND messages.

interactivity is truly what makes MimbleWimble transaction so special and unique, why don’t we take advantage of that and build something over the wallet :face_with_monocle:


Examples 2 and 6 seem very promising to me.

In particular, everything related to the use of Telegram, I see it as a serious movement towards adoption. As Pavel Durov once wanted to do for his cryptocurrency under the ticker TON.

Once the creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov, intended to launch his own cryptocurrency. But the SEC did not allow him to do this because of participation in ICO of American investors. His vision of a messenger is related to cryptocurrency. And the fact that, say, bitcoin is not integrated into it, leaves the situation unsaid… Or it will happen soon. Or there are reasons why this will not happen.

I have no idea how to convey information about Grin to Pavel.

Everyone who uses telegram, in this case, can open their own store and create their own economy. I think this symbiosis (Telegram+Grin) is key for the future.



I think a valuable field of work would be to improve the options for cold storing Grin in a a practical way. Currently a business has not many options, but holding their hot wallets online in order to process transactions.

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I’d like to see some educational material in a form of short videos. For instance, a playlist of 10 videos that are uploaded to Grin’s Youtube account. Perhaps they could be done with Doodly (I hate their ads on YT!). These should be done by someone who understands how MW works, is good at explaining things in layman terms and has a decent english pronunciation.

Grin Intro Playlist:

  1. The start of cryptocurrencies
  2. How Bitcoin works - very high level (including IBD)
  3. Mimblewimble origins and what it promises to achieve
  4. Confidential Transactions - high level intro
  5. Transaction aggregation - block becomes a single transaction
  6. Transaction cut-through
  7. Blockchain cut-through and IBD
  8. Interactive transactions
  9. Grin origins and overview
  10. Grin Monetary Policy - reasons behind it

This could be just the first playlist. Once this is done, we could have an “In depth look at” playlist where there could be a video explaining Slatepacks, one that explains the PIBD option that MW comes with etc.


This would be a great advancement, and would open up a lot of opportunities for GRIN!


When all the hype about defi has subsided, everyone will return to the origins of the internet’s electronic cash. And here we can be one step ahead.

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I have experience in producing educational crypto videos. Here’s a similar playlist I produced for Peercoin:

Is something like this what you have in mind?


It could be called “Telegrin” :smile:


I think I have seen one of your videos before. Great quality!

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Looks good, and well explained. If you would pair with someone who is good with Doodle visualizations it would be even better. Although with the visualizations you use now it is already quite good. If others agrees, this could be the first community project to request funding for. @Chronos 1) do you by any chance know someone who is good with Doodle and 2) you think you can explain MW (I think you can) or would it be nice to have someone from the community as backup to help with the technicals?

I think I should tell users how to use grin practically.

For example slatepack

I think it is difficult use for users who are accustomed to sending and receiving money with bitcoin and ethereum.
If there is a faucet that supports slatepack, users will be able to learn about slatepack.

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A faucet. nice idea! I think the practical use videos could be part of the video series, I will add the faucet id to the list.


@Chronos and anyoone else who wants to take on project. The next step after the idea phase is to make it a bit more concrete. You can write a short project proposal in a seperate post with:

  • Description
  • Person who is responsible
  • Timeline
  • Needed funding + work tracking publilcy.

Just to give an example:

Grin community project 1 : Educational material in a form of short (Doodel) videos exlaining Grin’s origin, higher level working and technicals

Create short Doodle videos explaining:

  • The start of cryptocurrencies
  • How Bitcoin works - very high level (including IBD)
  • Mimblewimble origins and what it promises to achieve
  • Confidential Transactions - high level intro
  • Transaction aggregation - block becomes a single transaction
  • Transaction cut-through
  • Blockchain cut-through and IBD
  • Interactive transactions
  • Grin origins and overview
  • Grin Monetary Policy - reasons behind it

Person who is responsible:
Needed funding + work tracking publilcy:


If this becomes a reality on different terms than the rest of the exchanges operate, it will be amazing! Since most exchanges have established KYC, the Grin exchange for example could establish AYC (Anonymize Your Client). :wink: A principle that allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies between users while respecting their anonymity and privacy.

I AM NOT A DEVELOPER(be forgiving :disappointed_relieved: ) and what I will describe I do not know if it is realizable. User registration will only require email. Automatically a .txt file will be created to be stored in a secure place, so that every time you log in you need to add a lexarithm for security reasons. In the first login the first word number will be used, in the second login the second etc. When it reaches its end the user will be able to create a new one.

1.4qd56A 2.nNR91f 3.Tu5VMh 4.Xww14z ... 50.U09fkK

The user will then be able to deposit the cryptocurrency of his choice. I do not know if this can be done with slatepack method. The idea is this though. Slatepack message to be used in exactly the same way but to have the role of guarantor for the release of cryptocurrencies between users. For example we have user1 and user2 . User1 wants to buy 100 Grin from user2 for 1 btc. User2 accepts user1. This will be followed by the process of freezing the corresponding amounts of each user and automatically a slatepack message will be generated to user2. User2 sends slatepack message to user1 and user1 sends back the message generated to user2. If messages are compatible with this procedure, then the coins will be released to the respective addresses of the users. This will not only apply to Grin but to any cryptocurrency exchange.

What I am describing may be entirely impracticable, but as an idea I am thinking of something corresponding. That with exchangeable encrypted messages that will act as guarantors, the release of cryptocurrencies will be allowed between users.

I think what you are desribing is most similar to a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) using atomic swaps. For now, the idea was to build a testnet exchange (i modified the proposal above), but a real exchange would ofcourse be even better, just so much work that it is hard to find someone to take it on.


Yes, these videos have the right length for the material but it would need visual explanations in my opinion. The whole math behind MW can be represented visually in a simple way. Worth noting that I might be biased here because I’m a visual/spatial learner :confused:

I’m going to make a video on Grin’s Monetary policy. I’ve debated it so much and I’m sick of having to explain it, thus I’m creating a video as a reference point.

Will appear on this channel here at some point:


I also believe he’s referring to this. Not sure if btc already supports atomic swaps through adaptor signatures. Anyway i don’t think there’s anyone out there who would be willing to invest enormous time to create such dex.

I do not think so either. The best chance would be and existing DEX who would be willing to add a Grin BTC pair, asuming that is even technically possible.

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