Grin Community Candidates for fund granting control: Anynomous

Herewith I would like volunteer myself as a candidate for the new ‘Grin Community Council’.

I am in favour of the simple split fund proposal where there is a Grin Community Council, which can function in unity as well as autonomous from the Grin council:

I have been active in the community for around 2 years now and have seen Grin and the Grin ecosystem mature greatly. In my opinion Grin is going in the right direction. We have:

  • two nodes software (Grin rust implementation and Grin++)

  • three great Desktops wallets: grin-wallet (rust), Niffler and Grin++

  • two great mobile wallets: Ironbelly, Grin++ Mobile

  • more and more exchanges (today added support), and mining pools supporting Grin

In other words, there is a lot to be proud of! In the time that I have been active I did not ever perceive that funding request were ever wrongly granted or denied. However, apparently not everyone perceived the same freedom and power they had to influence the Grin project as I did.

Therefore, I do think the addition of the Grin Community Council will help ‘formalize’ the power of the community by allocating some funds and instating the Grin Community Council.

My hope is that this will lower the threshold for all community members to actively involve themselves in shaping the project through discussions or proposals. I strongly believe that to contribute to the Grin ecosystems, you do not need to be a rust programmer or cryptographer, although those are more than welcome :wink:. Many skills and backgrounds are needed in a flourishing ecosystem. Therefore, I would encourage anyone to actively involve themselves in the discussion of community projects, or even better to take on a community project yourself and to submit a grand proposal for it through the forum. For those who fear being scrutinised, criticised, or rejected, we can always informally discuss a proposal before submission.

See below the initial discussions on community projects where you can contribute:

Although I do not support the idea of having a seperate council for Grin++, I am in favour of supporting any funding requests for interesting experiments of new features that can be tested in Grin++ before deciding whether they might need to be added to the Grin rust implementation.
Similarly, although I am not endorsing the ‘Unified Grand Proposal’ system for now, I to think that on the long run we should move towards such a system.
For now I am in favor of chosing the simplest solutions that empowers the community. So lets move forward and get some nice community projects going :grin:


You get my Yea! I always read with pleasure your comments and i think you will be a good council honest member.


BUMP of my candidacy post which kind of got lost in all the chatter since I submitted my candidacy before the other candidates. Also I want to clarify a bit my reason of becoming a candidate in the first place.

During the last governance meeting it was discussed that there is little support for Fund Alternative: Another Split Fund Proposal and that the Fund Alternative: A Split Fund Proposal does have support.
This is exactly why I chose to support the simple Fund Alternative: A Split Fund Proposal from day one, since 1) I feared the alternative might threaten the unity within the project and 2) since the Split fund Proposal is the simplest solution to bridge between the council and the community and get greater efficiency by dividing task and focus while working unified to having a great Grin ecosystem.

Also I want to emphasize that within council members, there should not only be looked at technical qualification but also at communication skills and attitude.
The few ‘cracks’ in unity I have witnessed within the project in the last years can mostly be attributed to sub-optimal communication of various parties and short tempers which led to the perception/illusion of disunity.
We are all human, so making mistakes is fine. But I mention this to avoid having history repeat and repeat, because technocrats are not always superb communicator. Therefore my belated input to the selection process would be to consider that “Communication is key” and should be carefully considered in selecting candidates.

My personal motivation for becoming a candidate is because I want to have a strong, harmonious en unified community for Grin and since I have enough background in crypto to make assessments of the viability of various ideas. I think I have a positive attitude within the project and unifying qualities. Some of the other community council candidates also have these qualities. As long as we get a strong council with a positive attitude that works towards having a great unified community and ecosystem, I will stay positive an grinning, whether that is as regular community member or as part of a council.
Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:


,more and more exchanges" , come on … , is embarrassing

We started with only Tradeogre, now also Gate, Tradeogre, Bittrex have a working withdrawal. Bitforex and Hotbit are also implementing slatepacks if I am not mistaken. There are also plenty of others exchanges that do allow you to buy Grin but not withdraw or deposit, which is a pity, but it does allow investment in Grin which boosts the price.

In the end how many exchanges do you need to have a working ecosystem? My optimism comes from multiple exchanges implementing slate-packs, which is way better for privacy than http. So, yes I am optimistic, that is just in my nature :man_shrugging:.