Grin Community Candidate for fund granting control : Cekickafa

Based on Call for Grin Community Candidates for additional fund granting control I volunteer myself as a candidate for the new “Grin Community Council”.

i am cekickafa cekickafa (Cekickafa Kertenk) | Keybase, i, live in euroasia region,where is cryptocurrencies mostly used and accepted by the people for unbanked and financial freedom.

i am interested in Grin from 2019,watching it closely and invested with time and capital as an average-user.For i have some stockmarket and fx markets ,bond and currency trading past,i have worked and familiar with financial sector deeply.i have licences in the financial sector.

To me Grin is similar to bitcoin,moreover alike GOLD a hard ultimate currency mined and used since thousands years.Gold is scarce,infinite and fungible,as well our blonde child Grin. Grin is young,but still growing;for some people healthy, for some think grow slow.My personal view Grin deserve too much more than current situation.

i wont get into technical details,i am not high tech person.i know my limits.i am not a developer but i am contributing in my way. i opened many channels at twitter,including my region Euroasia and started poking African unbanked people who needs cryptocurrency mostly.i am trying to spread the word via twitter,reddit,bitcointalk and other person to person channels,helping to understand the people about Grin,i send symbolic Grin coins and teaching how to use coins, and it is philosophy with my limits.i attend to keybase meetings regularly and give my feedback.Thanks to Grin core team,they bear me with my tech limited knowledge and non native english language. But i feel they understand me as an end-user.

i have opened every Grin exchange an account to test,using Grin++ desktop and mobile,ironbelly and niffler as well.i know perfectly as an user how we feel the pain,what are the obstacles for Grin users and adoption,what is preffered by non tech average user.And i am giving feedback this to community and Grin core team and wallet devs at every occassion,joining the meetings regularly and disturbing mostly them:).They seem interested with hearing users opinion and looks like they are not falling on their ears all the time about community-users choice and complaints.Grin core and community needs a bridge just.We all have same target.

i think beside tech devs savy people Grin community Council needs a tech noob user seat to raise their voice and give feedback about usability of Grin.Becuz at the end Grin is a tool for unbanked,fiat destroyed people,for Cantillion victim of families who are shattered nowadays.We all know Bitcoin is a tech revolution,but imagine what would it be if Bitcoin not used by million of people?

Bitcoin is a tool.Cryptocurrencies is a tool.And a tool without a user is nothing.

if i am honored to be in this council my priority will support the projects,which will make the Grin more usable by everyone securely. i am to preserve the idea of social scalability of Grin.i wish more people step in and so Grin core team wishes,there should be a bridge communication between telegram,devs meetings,keybasechannels,Grin users need to be heard!

i will be against the every idea of Grin unusability,centralization,tech advances hinders security of people funds,and i will inform people about this at once via meetings and other channels.The new fund should be used to improve Grins ecosystem with new projects,new developers and more users.
it is time to get up and grow bigger becuz we have rivals,plans behind close doors,regulations.There is a war coming against crypto.We better equipped with more users,more power.This will bring us more developers and more tech and security.Let the beast roar!

Dont forget the idea. ツ

Electronic transactions for all.Without censorship or restrictions.
Designed for the decades to come, not just for tomorrow. To be used by anyone, anywhere.

i support proposals;

  1. Fund Alternative: A Split Fund Proposal
  2. Fund Alternative: A Grants Model Proposal
  3. Fund Alternative: Another Split Fund Proposal

Thanks in advance, No hard feelings if I am not supported ㋡


i couldnt see my name here.
i am forgotten or not welcomed? i would like to know.

pretty sure @lehnberg just forgot to add you on the list, you definitely belong there :+1:


thanx @phyro . above candidates are far superior technical than me,maybe seats can be limited. No offense.just curious.

Seats are limited, but you definitely should have been in the list. I have no doubt it was an honest mistake.

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honest mistake (apologies), you’ll be included in Monday’s edition!
thanks for pointing this out, giving me an opportunity to correct it :pray:


thank you @david , @lehnberg. np,it was a hard busy week for you.

for Grin community candidate for fund granting control,i dont intend to reapply for this position.i dont think i will be useful anythng about Grin.

But this fund should not be named Grin COMMUNİTY FUND.

Why are you retracting your candidacy? Anyway I hope you will still stay as an active Grin member like you did over the past few months, always stay Grinning :grinning: :wink:

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There is more both tech and user side guys at telegram. i hope they be candidate.

i think it is important to give userfeedback to Grin core team.

I think so to. Therefore I think technical expertise is somewhat overrated as quality for both candidates as well as forum members in general.
Anyway, we can just support as we always do by providing feedback and actively voicing our opinion on this forum as well as other platforms. We do not need “keys to castle” to positively impact this community and the direction of Grin. And simply by putting ourselves forward as candidates, we already helped move Grin towards greater unity.