How To Increase Grin Adoption

I have been following Grin now for a few months. It has astonished me how it towers above other cryptocurrencies. It is by far the new paradigm for privacy coins. The only videos and articles I have read have been pitched at an enthusiast crowd. I have wondered why this coin does not have a marketing team / volunteers. When I asked about it in Gitter, I have been told to do it myself.

I am not trained in marketing but there may be people in the community who are.

What I can do is link any good sources I find to this topic. If anyone finds a way for marketing Grin or sites or users doing so, please post here.

Also post here if you need support for a social media post. We can an army of clicks for worthy posts.


wooo! good thinkin

check out what @ken19983 posted in Opinions regarding Grin

more wallets & exchanges would help a lot rn!

make some noise / talk to ppl about getting better GUI, ledger support, added to binance, coinbase, kraken, gemini

also any donations to general fund!


Thank you @grinn will get on with this. Need people to post here. We need to get in the habit of liking and sharing social media posts that are positive towards grin. Also if there are any misleading posts we need to address them.

  1. An ‘official’ GUI wallet would have to come thru the council itself.
  2. Ledger support will be awesome. I’ll choose cold storage anytime of the day. The ledger guys did respond to a grin community member. Happy to donate to a fund which will make this possible
  3. Increasing liquidity is needed but some members of the community have started the process towards increasing Grin adoption throughout the board. Happy to donate to payment apps like hashmaps’. As for exchanges, we could also set up a fund to get a RUST developer working with exchanges directly

1A. I would actually add to #1 beyond just having GRIN vet or offer their own GUI wallet. It would be pretty nice to have 3rd party wallets that support other cryptocurrencies to also offer support for GRIN. For example, JAXX is a fairly popular wallet and offers support for a large number of cryptocurrencies. Many people use this wallet and feel comfortable or are familiar with it. Being able to put my GRIN in my wallet would be pretty convenient rather than having to download/manage/install yet another wallet. There are a number of popular wallets out there that store various cryptocurrencies. Getting GRIN on some of the more popular ones would be helpful.

2A. Similar to 1A, Ledger is just one (popular) hardware wallet out there. Having hardware wallet support would help increase adoption of GRIN. Little things like “A safe, convenient way to store your GRIN” will go a long way to increase adoption.

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can we ask LUNO for wallet support¿

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that could boost the franchise

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Guys, I think this is going awesomely well. We’ve had good ideas rolling in. We should all start to translate these ideas into action. We can then share the responses here and work towards filling them. Great stuff

Would be good if grin was supported on BTCpay server, it’s arguably the best open source payment processor.

However, this probably requires non-interactive txs

Would be good if Grin was supported on Coinpayments aswell( Beam is on here)

^There is a sizable integration fee listed, but apparently, this is not the case for all.


Sweet, looking at coinpayments, they state:


  1. Fork or using same RPC interface of a coin we currently support (see supported coins here)
  2. Listed on an exchange with APIs (we need to pull rates from somewhere)
  3. Provide ongoing advanced notifications about any future updates/forks/swaps/airdrops
  4. Pay an integration fee of €10,000.00 for the first year. We require the minimum average commercial payments volume of your coin to be above €5,000/month. If you do not meet this monthly minimum volume requirement, then we will charge an additional payment of €10,000.00 for each additional year of hosting your coin.
  5. If you are an ERC20 token we will require a separate account funded with 10 ETH to cover gas fees to forward payments


  1. Submit Application
  2. Pay $25.00 Non-Refundable Application Fee: Covers cost of an initial review of above REQUIREMENTS and ensures requests come directly from coin’s core team.

The initial cost is quiet hefty, but doable as a community. It’ll be useful if any member of the community can perform a cost-profit analysis so that our collective efforts can be directed efficiently


Yea dude, it totally does. The developers have literally done the impossible. Grin completely wipes the floor with every coin out there.

The only videos and articles I have read have been pitched at an enthusiast crowd. I have wondered why this coin does not have a marketing team / volunteers. When I asked about it in Gitter, I have been told to do it myself.

I think the approach of the council to do it ourself is absolutely right. This project values decentralization above all else and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Don’t get me wrong, it destroys other coins when it comes to privacy and scalability too :smirk:

Ignotus Paverell and the Grin council have been very open from day 1. They have taken great pain to ensure that:

  • Everything is conducted in an open and clear manner. All records are publicly available to everyone at all times
  • All discussions are held in public in gitter, where everyone can read and follow whats happening in REAL time
  • Provided a constant presence of gitter and the forums. They always answer any question(s) put forward by literally anyone promptly and honestly
  • Continuously strive to improve further upon this (which is super hard)

Truth is, It doesn’t get any more open than that. Heck, taking such steps carries such a tremendous amount of effort, work and patience, that only those who absolutely value decentralization and inclusiveness will even consider taking it yet alone do it. To prove this further, I challenge anyone to present any other coin out of the thousands out there that even comes close. It’s odd, but I have absolute trust in them although I have never met any of them in person.

Thus in response to your question about raising awareness and adoption, the grin council have definitely taken the right decision by not getting involved.

Truth is, blame lies entirely within us as a community. We have become accustomed to ‘spectating’ & ‘whining’ rather than taking decisive action. We have to an extent failed to follow the ample of excellent examples laid before us. I can’t even begin to imagine how frustrating this has been for the developers of Grin who have literally put their heart and soul into this project.

What’s needed more than ever is for this community to:

  • Join together as a team and get beyond the petty arguments
  • Start playing an active role in grin and it’s development

I really do hope that we stop limiting Grin and start to spread Grin. If you want Grin to be included on a ledger, then we should take action and get it done! If we want grin listed on bazinga exchange, then we should submit an application. If we want grin to be talked about everywhere then lets spread it’s message on every social channel we’ve got. I’m certain that as a community can achieve great things.

It’s critical that the marketing of grin be structured in a way that stays true to grins value & ideals - absolute openness, honestly and above all else inclusive. I’ll start work immediately on it and put my recommendations on a thread hopefully by the end of day. Everyone is more than welcome, in fact encouraged take part so we can make sure we get this right.

Ignotus and every grin developer have always welcomed everyone into the Grin community and encouraged us to get involved. To play an active and pivotal role in making this the best cryptocurrency ever!

This is a CALL TO ACTION for EVERY GRINNER out there!



I can only propagate on the cryptocurrency forums as follows:

The purpose of Grin is to encourage people to use Grin for trade. Since then Grin will be widely used, according to calculations, the number of users will increase much faster than the inflation rate, and Grin is still scarce, Grin will strongly increase price in over time, and this has shown. After 50 years, as calculated, the percentage of inflation will be equal to the percentage of Grin lost, the equilibrium is set! Great!
Max supply of Grin is about 1.6 billion after about 50 years, why is max supply 1.6 billion/50 years? It is here: Always and forever, 1 Grin is created in 1 second. So 365 x 24 x 60 x 60=31 536 000 Grin/1 year. According to calculations, 2% Grin is lost/1 year (due to forgotten password, device failure, death, …). Suppose that at some time, the amount of Grin is N and the number of Grin is created in 1 year equal to the number of Grin lost, we have the equation, 0.02N=31 536 000. Thus, N=1 576 800 000=1.6 billion. If We take N/(the number of Grin which is created in 1 year)= (157680000)/(31536000)=50 years. Thus, the equilibrium is set after 50 years, and max supply of Grin is about 1.6 billion after about 50 years. Wow that’s great! The Grin creators are excellent people, a great monetary policy, it is the best today compared to all the Cryptocurrency industries!

In the middle of the night one day in August 2016, a mysterious person with a pseudonym named a character in the Harry Potter series, Tom Elvis Jedusor gave a primitive sketch on the Bitcoin IRC page. Shortly thereafter on the Reddit community heatedly debated, cryptographers tried to decipher what the document was trying to say. Two months after another anonymous person, Andrew Poelstra brought up an extensive and detailed development of the original document. Three weeks later another anonymous person also named a character who invented an invisibility cloak in the Harry Potter series, Ignotus Peverell followed the development and came up with a full protocol on Github with the name MimbleWimble and the coin is Grin. In just a few weeks, the project attracted many researchers, all anonymous to the names of Harry Potter characters, who exchanged work via email. MimbleWimble is the name of a spell in Harry Potter used to tie the tongue of anyone who wants to reveal secrets and Grin is the name of a witch bank in that series. The project was developed under the fund of donations from the community, which immediately attracted many sponsors from many mysterious organizations and many large exchanges. The goal of the development board is to launch mainnet in 2018 but then be postponed for safety reasons. On January 15, 2019, Grin officially launched the community. Elsewhere, a development team on the MimbleWimble protocol to develop Beam copper, the group is not anonymous, has a development company, although it was born later, Beam had launched a week before Grin. The goal of Beam is to enter the top 5 coinmarketcap, Grin’s goal is to replace Bitcoin!


Thanks for your reply and willingness to take part. You managed to collate quiet an extensive and impressive article there with nice nuggets too.

A proposal to start a Grin marketing division is being worked on. Areas of focus include:

Ideals & values of the team:

  • Stay true to the philosophy of Grin
  • Open
  • Inclusive


  • Proposal for a grin marketing subteam:
    • Marketing sub-team
    • Communication channels - Github repository, single email address, publication & distribution channel
    • Donation scheme(s) linked to the grin council with the aim of supporting the Grin ecosystem

Marketing methods:

  • Increase involvement from the Grin community
    • Gitter channel
    • Grin Forum
  • Increase awareness of Grin and the Grin ecosystem (third party wallets/payment apps, etc)
    • Content creation team: Posters/videos
    • Social awareness campaign: Twitter/telegram/grin forum/Reddit
  • Increase Grin utility
  • Increase liquidity
    • Exchange listing

Its still early days, but it will be an absolute pleasure to have you & anyone else who is interested on board. It seems like a daunting challenge and every Grinner’s contribution is valuable . The whole community will be kept informed as it progresses. Once ready, the proposal will be forwarded to the Grin community first for vetting. Only when the community is happy will it then run it by the Grin council.

Thank you for volunteering to take part. :+1:


I would like to contribute in marketing grin via videos made on youtube. Anyone interested in making this happen, contact me via Gitter to my handle newtownf1 . I know some people would not like to show their face and that is perfectly fine, but at least a voice or you can make it fun by wearing a mask, whatever.

I’m hoping to build a weekly video cast on YouTube with myself hosting and speakers of the community that would like to chime in , give their opinions on what financial privacy means to them and how grin can help those who would need grin to survive in oppressed regimes.

A speaker who lives in an oppressed regime would be preferable so he can spread the word on grin to increase the use case on that front.

I am igno


Awesome! It’s really great to see so many members of this community coming together to create magic. It’s also nice having a fellow grinner join the video content creation team (alongside me :smile:). The weekly video cast & Q&A involving speakers of the community is a super idea. It’ll enable us to keep this community and beyond up to date with the latest advancements. Would it be okay if we add this to the draft proposal? Once the github repository is up and running (very soon) then anyone from the community can add an agenda in a no time.

People who are uncomfortable showing their face can also take part using various other means. i.e voice or even wearing a mask, etc. All contributions are welcomed :+1:

I am Ignotus - LOVE IT! Gonna add this as a signature to every post!

I am Ignotus

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So I tweeted Ledger asking them for support. Here is what I got in return. Anyone wanna help me put this application through?


Could use a techie wizzard to help out with the application


Also I am great with Twitter and Social Media. If anyone wants to team up, I have all the time and ready to step forward. Please contact me on Telegram handle @i :heart:crypto


Thank you. I have identified only a handful of Grin microbloggers on twitter. Look for ward to your posts. Let us know when you post so the community can support you.

I am Ignotus


Thank you for your contribution. The ledger idea is a great one. Its been added to the draft proposal which will be posted in this forum once completed shortly. We could certainly use a techie wizzard to help out with the application, I’m sure this community will help in this regards.

Awesome to hear your great with Twitter and social media. If the community approves, than we could be see the beginning of an awesome Twitter/Social media/Telegram/etc subdivision. As I can gather both yourself and Yawser have kindly volunteered for this. The more members involved, then the more discussions within the subdivision and ultimately the better the work so I would also encourage that any community members interested to join do so and not in any way feel discouraged. We can never have to much! :+1:

I am Ignotus