Grin exchange idea

Hey Grin community,

How about creating our very own Grin Exchange, designed exclusively for privacy enthusiasts like us?

Here’s the concept: our exchange will be privacy-focused, meaning no KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements whatsoever. We understand the importance of preserving anonymity, and that’s why we’re committed to offering a platform that respects privacy rights.

But that’s not all! The Grin Exchange will exclusively feature crypto-to-Grin pairs. We can start with some popular options like BTC/Grin, LTC/Grin, and XMR/Grin.

Now, you might be wondering how we plan to sustain and grow this exchange. Well, here’s where things get really interesting. We’ve come up with a unique approach that benefits both the Grin community and keeps the scammers at bay.

While we want to maintain a high standard of integrity, we also recognize that some ICO scammers are eager to join any platform. So, we’ve devised a brilliant solution: we’ll allow scammers to list their ICO tokens on our exchange by charging them one Grin Day. This way, we collect Grins for our community fund.

This is probably quite an expensive endeavor, but perhaps it would create demand for Grin.


This is a great idea! Would love to see this idea come to fruition as soon as possible!


Great idea, I used to think about building that site too but unable to do due to technical and time limitation. I’m holding 2 fancy domains for grin which suitable for exchange platform. if you want to use them, just message me then I will transfer for free.


Tradeogre already fits the bill, apart from the fundraising scheme. We are lucky to have them.


I think even at a higher level, a general market / store protocol would be great. See my thread here: Marketplace product planning


I always love new ideas so thank you. I do think an exchange that doesn’t rely on any trust is best though, even if it is run by a good intentioned party. TO are great but anything could happen to it at any time. I’m sure most of us don’t use it as a wallet but if it went down mid transaction you would lose. That being said, I don’t think that Grin is ready for a DEX. Bisq implemented atomic swaps but no-one used it. I think Grin’s focus should now be on usability and marketing. It should be easy for a merchant to implement a payment system, and it should be easy for peers to send/receive and more people need to know that Grin exists.


I think that is what the Contracts work is for: Grin-wallet contract prototype - #19 by oryhp

the idea is to make it possible to have invoices, right? @oryhp

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With Tradeogre liquidity of 0,1 BTC is not solid option for relay on. Idea is great and have big potential taking in to account nature of GRIN project.

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You can do invoices today with rust implementation (no payment proofs yet though). Contracts just make flows more generalized and more explicitly show when the signing happens.


With current man power of Grin, it’s pretty hard to build/maintain such big things. IMO, grin should be popular in traditional market/media for non-tech users first, like how dogecoin has been growing.

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Interesting idea, but probably some issues to address:
Who would host, run and maintain the web site (presumably a website? I suppose would be even better if it was a .onion site)
Who would put up the liquidity
Who would hold the keys of the traded coins
Why would anyone use it when there already is other trusted exchanges?

can you elaborate on what this means? what are the use cases you are picturing?

I think payment proofs are such a fundamental part of any business, it’ll be hard to make any selling use case work without it :confused:

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I’ve never understood why people wamt payment proofs so badly. Could you give me a brief explanation why? Or link a resource I can go read?

Bitcoin’s payment proof is “private key A has sent X coins to private key B”. In grin you can have more powerful payment proofs because transactions are interactive - you can commit to the content as well, so “private key A has sent X coins to private key B to pay for service/item Z”. Theoretically private keys A and B don’t even need to be related to blockchain but could even be digital identity keys. So yeah, they’re imo mathematical proofs of purchases.

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Good idea, looking forward to its launch. At present, the price of Grin is too low for anyone to pay attention to, and new ideas and a beautiful vision are needed


That is cool for sure, but why does a business need that?

for the same reason they give invoices in real life, to handle disputes


An exchange that exclusively trades GRIN/BTC should be deployed before even considering supporting ERC/BRC20s.

What anon is going to build and maintain this?


This is must have!
My suggestion:

  • Write it on Rust
  • Make it open source
  • Launch it on Grincc as the only trustable hosting at Grin ecosystem

I will be happy to contribute and even start this project at autumn, currently I am busy to launch cross-platform app on top of Grin.