Marketplace product planning

This is another thread to dump ideas for a marketplace product. Think of Etsy, Amazon, etc.

See this NostrMarket document for inspiration. It is based on a very grin-appropriate protocol called Diagon Alley.

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This is a great idea. As a start, I’d suggest an elementary project akin to a Kickstart listing to fund software development and/or services using the Grin network.
There a number of devs who are working on projects without funding from the councils.
What better way to support our devs, grow the project and utilize the grin network than to offer Grin tips!
This would be more straightforward to implement than a marketplace dealing with physical goods, however once put into practice with aspects such as a reputation scoring system, would be a natural progression.
To start, a page can be made on the Grin community council page which lists ongoing projects, link to the GitHub project and donation addresses.

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I had a discussion about that elsewhere Grin product wishlist - #4 by trab

It deserves its own thread i think. Would need a number of things before it could be implemented. View keys in addition to persistent addresses.

I think the marketplace would only need some kind of invoicing in comparison. I haven’t thought a great deal about it yet though

Noted. Agree, some great ideas in the preceding post.

For sometime there was a slatepack forum where some items were being put up for sale, including grin community member artwork and home made peanut butter. The site never took off. Perhaps a time to reinvestigate a decentralized alternative.

I do think that a means for listing and transacting for services, in particular for software, would be more frictionless as the process of exchanging physical goods may add considerable complexity.

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Update: it looks like NIP-15 has included this market protocol idea nips/ at master · nostr-protocol/nips · GitHub

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I was looking into nostr marketplace implementations today and it looks AMAZING. This would fit GRIN perfectly and be a lot better than what I had going with

I’d still recommended middlemen for important trades but just looking at some of the existing marketplaces within nostr, it seems like the perfect environment for GRIN.

Something like this:
This: Nostr Market App
or Plebeian Market

but using GRIN with nostr protocol would be amazing as an ephemeral marketplace environment.

I’m excited about GRIN x Nostr now

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I’m still not sure if Grin can ever have escrow services, but if you have ideas, you can post in that thread too!

Escrow service for Slatepark market existed of some vetted forum members offering to be middleman for a modest fee. Not a systematic solution, but should do the trick for now since grin for payments is only used on a small scale.

Personally, I am a fan of how Tradeogre deposits are processed. I would prefer this in a marketplace setting if it’s possible to implement.

Anybody know TypeScript?

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