Make grin utility for businesses

I am not a developer but i am an investor, an investor that want to actually have this project been driven.
I would like to present some business idea which i want to know they are possible to introduce to grin without rebuilding the project.
Business ideas can include:
1- Liquidity pools that have good APR
2- NFT marketplace?
3- Defi?
4- Metaverse projects that sells land plots?
5- Mobile game that earns you grin coins
6- Podcast that pays you grin for listening
7- Decentralized privacy payment cards
8- DAO / Compound interest
9- Nodes - those nodes are a bunch of invesments/DEFI that grin community has made - check please project vaporfi nodes ( ) they have an idea that could be implemented to grin. I can understand that most of you are thinking what do we win by creating these nodes. Well these nodes can be bought only using Grin coin.
10- A website that lets you rent your NFT´s för example if you own sandox land plot, or tcg world plot, next earth, any kind of land plot project. and also can also be bought using grin and the nft owner gets his rent in grin coins.

There are millions of ideas that follow todays trend. i could really help with ideas but i need to understand what can Grin achieve without rebuilding the project.

I hope this helps guys and please dont answer me with silly comments. i am not a developer, i just have a business mindset.

Best regards guys
Ziyad Saeed