P2P Market like AgoraDesk/LocalMonero is needed for GRIN

Its a matter of survival for Grin to have Multiple Options to trade Grin with others
Such as various peer to peer marketplaces and various DEX

We are barely on exchanges and with gate.io suspension we will soon get the full hit of nation states by desisting of privacy coins.

Let me emphasis this again Its a matter of survival for privacy coin to have anonymous p2p market options and DEX with atomic swaps.

ALL development should be on this.

Grin is on Bisq but not many people use it mempool - Bisq Markets

Why divert all resources to further develop a use case that isn’t being used?

The problem is a lack of usage, not a lack of DEX. Trade volume of Grin on Bisq - #13 by mcm-mike


DEX alone are not enough we also need p2p trades and p2p marketplaces also

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And to run frontend locally, it is possible with dApps on BEAM, all we need is to have Grin here as CA (Confidential Asset).


Isn’t a DEX (Bisq) just p2p + an escrow system.

Who would make trades without an escrow?

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@ardocrat interesting idea

@trab it always good to have multiple options but for one if the escrow system or OTC platform works as p2p with end to end encrypted messages for trades and dispute resolution plus other forms of reputation system that are decentralized and without token (if possible)

or let buyers and sellers put their own token as collateral for p2p trades with fiat or cash or gold payment.

but even convincing AgoraDesk to list Grin is also a positive thing for both Grin and AgoraDesk/LocalMonero

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