Bisq exchange DAO vote on supporting Grin again

The well known and DAO governed exchange Bisq is considering to relist/support Grin.
Bisq did allow trading of Grin in the past, but because of lack of payment proofs and the many hard-fork upgrades to Grin they stopped supporting Grin.
Grin as privacy focused, community governed cypher-punk coin fits in very well with the vision of Bisq. Bisq like Grin is community governed and focuses on the coins that actually matter.

If like me you would like Bisq to start relist grin, you can give the DAO proposal a thumbs up here :grinning::

See below the full discussion and history of Grin listing and de-listing at Bisq:


Do we need to upvote here Re-activate GRIN · Issue #350 · bisq-network/proposals · GitHub or is this already done?

@mcm-mike Yes, we should upvote there. To me it is not clear if the vote is finished already, I think it is now in the ‘Review phase’.
Good thing here is a landslide of 22 up and no down votes.
Even if the vote is over, still good to up-vote it, its shows people care and like this implemented soon.

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Anyone know where that DAO vote is at? I see @jmacxx has already pushed the edits (and merged) just waiting on that dao to flip the switch-

I wonder if there is anything that should be added referencing to the itx nature of transactions? I see that bisq-ui backlinks users to (Transactions - Grin Documentation) for support- perhaps a bit of an update, clarifying on some points or providing additional link-outs is in order.

(source:Changes required for GRIN re-listing by jmacxx · Pull Request #5820 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub)

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For me the current explanation works fine.

Optionally, we could consider updating the description by using the analogy of a contract that is drafted, signed by one party and the other before being published to the blockchain. I think an analogy that @vegycslol often uses and I like it personally.

But we should only make such a change if we all agree this would make understanding transactions clearer.

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GRiN sender is required to provide proof that they have sent GRiN successfully…

access to a sort of guide or link on how to achieve this for all standard wallets would be useful- maybe just source accompanying documentation to link on the bisq ui.

Not sure what they mean with this, payment proofs or just a screenshot?. I mean anyone involved in the transaction can verify it in their wallet. I do not know what the current status is on payment proofs and if they can be generated by grin-wallet (and therefore by IronBellly and Niffler) and Grin++.

notice from screenshot above:
-Have mediator check Alice’s GRiN payment proof.

It is my understanding that mediation could be processed by grinnodelive api. And Each wallet would have it’s own method of payment proof for users I assume.

edit: I may be overlooking where/ if this information is for the grin++ wallet. @davidtavarez- can you/ or anyone else, clarify if there is a suitable method for grin++ wallet users to soundly proof transactions for review? if so then I can submit a pr to the Home · GrinPlusPlus/GrinPlusPlus Wiki · GitHub with the resource.

Would the following screencap of GRiN payment-proof-method work to proof sent transactions?