Trade volume of Grin on Bisq

Hi Grin community.

I am a contributor for Bisq.

In December 2021 Grin/BTC was added as a market on Bisq.

There was a discussion on adding it here:

The GitHub issue got lots of engagement from the Grin community:

Since Grin was added there have been only 5 Grin/BTC trades.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind users that you can now trade Grin on Bisq on a decentralized exchange, hold your own keys, and not requiring any KYC.

Also it would be create to encourage any Grin users that would like to be market makers on Grin/BTC.

Also I would like to buy some Grin but there are no offers :frowning:

If the community has any suggestions how to make Bisq a popular exchange for people wanting to buy or sell Grin please share your comments.

Many thanks



What is needed is more exposure and ‘marketing’.
One thing that needs to be done is that we should put on or on the grin community council github page (and linked website) an overview of exchanges and their ups and downs, for example if they are requiring KYC, if they allow withdrawal and deposit and if they are decentralized like Bisq.

At the moment Bisq did get some minor exposure on the forum and on Github, but this reaches maybe 5% of all Grinners. Most Grinners can better be reached via Telegram or Discord. Possibly if we have good up to date overview, we could link it in the Grin newsletter.

I am not sure how to advertise Bisq on Telegram and Discord. Maybe someone can make a nice meme or something. Also what would be great is a video tutorial showing how to trade on Bisq which we can link to on the website. The same holds for other exchanges like TO. Do not underestimate the power of youtube (or other channel) video’s. These are just my thoughts, maybe we can discuss it in the Community Council meeting on Keybase on March 1:

Sorry, was planning to download Bisq to buy more grinnies myself :stuck_out_tongue:.


Bisq is great, but a bit hard to use to be honest. :wink: A tutorial about how to buy or sell Grin would be great :slight_smile:


Listing all exchanges that support grin on the official Grin website is really a good idea!

The following extra info may be also worthwhile listed:

  1. Available trading pairs and fee: Grin/USDT, Grin/BTC, Grin/ETH
  2. Trading volume
  3. Realtime price if possible
  4. Requirement of KYC?
  5. Deposit method
  6. Withdraw method and associating fee
  7. The tutorial/doc page for usage if available.

need VPN must has tor Network

I think people are guilty of advocating for the Bisq listing because they want it to promote grin, without actually intending to use it themselves.

using DEX has the potential to bite you in the ass, as seen here:

BlockFi maintains a policy of strict regulatory compliance. As a US registered Money Services Business, please note that BlockFi prohibits transfers to and/or from the following known addresses:

  1. “Mixing” services which attempt to obfuscate the source of funds.
  2. Peer-to-peer and other exchanges which do not perform Know Your Customer (KYC) screening as part of their onboarding process.
  3. Any amount of funds from gambling sites.
  4. Any amount of funds known to belong to darknet marketplaces.

BlockFi retains the right to return funds and freeze/close accounts as necessary upon receipt of transfers from these sources. Please note that any attempt to circumvent these policies will also result in similar action.

Once you trade BTC against anything (like Grin) on a DEX (like Bisq), the BTC you receive might be perceived as tainted by other crypto-services. BlockFi is an example for this practice. I read about one case where some user got his funds freezed by such service because the BTC he moved on the service originated from a P2P transaction. For this reason using DEX might pose a certain risk for average crypto-holders. This could explain the general low transaction-volumes on such services.

Thanks a website listing would be great.

Bisq has a YouTube channel with some walkthroughs on how to trade there:

It would be great for someone to make a how to buy Grin on Bisq video.

Bisq connects to TOR directly to no VPN required.

Yes, this is always an issue when using a centralized custodian.

I think the privacy and censorship reistance principles of Bisq and Grin are aligned well. Not your keys…

i try many times stop here

Hi @readysalted are you using the latest version: 1.8.2

I would recommend updating if not: Bisq Downloads ‹ Bisq - A decentralized bitcoin exchange network

You can also access support via Bisq channel in Matrix Matrix - Bisq Wiki

BisQ is working as intended for GRIN.


You just need to know, when selling GRIN on BisQ, you are required to deposit a security percentage of the amount in GRIN you want to sell in BTC.

There have been 2 trades in 2022 so far.

1 in January
1 in February

I was hoping that the market for Grin would be more active.

Currently there are zero offers to buy or sell Grin.