Is Grin being traded somewhere? Or where it will be after mainnet launch

Basically I want to buy some grin.

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We don’t know yet. It is likely you will have to P2P (OTC) trade for a while.

Trading channel will be on the keybase group. Some exchanges will probably list as well, there was a huobi representative publicly poking around in gittr asking questions

Hi, where is the keybase group? Thanks exchange will support grin trading.
you can join‘s telegram group : and follow twitter account: for the latest updates.
Hope it would be helpful

Bisq : will be ready for mainnet launch.
(Bisq is strongly privacy oriented, uses Tor etc).

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Nexex is another exchange that will list Grin.

We are building an exchange for trading Grin and plan to launch in 2019Q1.


Never heard of Nexex… can anyone vouch for them? Would be cool if Bisq listed GRIN/BTC, I hope they don’t list only GRIN/EUR or GRIN/USD

Bisq is already listing GRIN.
(And btw, it’s always GRIN/BTC since BTC is (actually) always mandatory on one side of the trade.)


Don’t think there is any exchange that has a supply, guess most likely it will started in a p2p or otc way is new, but seems credible. Look forward to trading Grin on it.

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Also putting in recommendation for Only DEX until atomic swaps are fully implemented. Hoping lots of grin traders will hop on and give it more liquidity.

Some links to trading discussion on


Hello everyone, we are Galleon Exchange - Friends of Grin. We will facilitate Grin trading right after the main net launch. Galleon is built by a group of blockchain community pioneers and Potterheads, and will be supporting Grin by donating up tp 50% trading fee to Grin General Fund. Sign up at and join

View details for the donation here:

An endorsement on Twitter from our influencer friends:

NEXES ONLY GRIN/BTC…I’ve already checked because I apply to buy
Otherwise Bisq, which is a DEX …

On Bisq you can only trade Grin/BTC. Not against Fiat. Will be actiaveted at launch time/date. If anyone knows exact date/time, please let me know!