Planning for the launch

Apparently we are two weeks out and no one is yet talking about the important economic considerations. CapitalismHO.jpg

What are poeple estimate for the number of miners? More importantly how did you come up with that estimate?

Who’s market making, and what type of funding do they have?

How are they estimating the starting price?

What sort of ugly manual extanage will there be early on, what will be the best practices? are any extanages in the works, eta?

Who’s going to be in the game early? This early on the game is less zero sum then usual markets, if anything we should be more honest then troll boxes is coming next week.

1grin = 2doge

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Wow, twice as valuable as the gold standard of crypto valuations!

I would rather short this market (at first) than buy into it, because the tight initial supply will put prices at a premium.

Any word on what exchanges will support Grin at launch?


I would be extermely surprised if there is a single standard exchange at launch, having a non “script” and non “erc20” means rewritting protocols up to the new standards and to work with existing systems… Soooo no

Any exchange will be new and unknown and clunky and temporary.

I would rather short this market (at first) than buy into it, because the tight initial supply will put prices at a premium

Manual and or clunky exchanges will put the same pressure on demand

The market will be insane and illiqiud nothing as simple as “merely overpriced” will support grin trading


I see nothing

Any estimate for number of miners, which at the moment might be expected to be around 10% of existing GPUs (Set mainnet initial difficulty · Issue #2121 · mimblewimble/grin · GitHub), doesn’t and simply cannot take into account how much additional or new GPU capacity is being brought online in anticipation for the mainnet launch.

One example is, recently VC-funded (Developer's Delight: Layer1 Capital Acquires $2.1 Million from Peter Thiel and Others | BTCMANAGER). Their main purpose seems to be a mining Grin operation. The job openings also indicate the same (

It is really uncertain how much additional graph hash rate will come online in the next year.

Can you please confirm that QB .com will support Grin trading or can we consider that this exchange will not be involved ? (because I also don’t find any information about this). It would be good to clarify. Thanks

Yeah, will support grin trading.In fact has already started integrating grin walletd.

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The news is true, Ps be patient and wait for the official notice.

Okay thank you very much.

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This is telegram group:
and twitter account:
you can follow them. Hope it would be helpful.

Bisq will add it in the upcoming release. Pure P2P trading with privacy protection by default.


Will there be any english sites selling Grin at launch?

Saw an interesting perspective on Grin valuation

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BISQ is really the only responsible way to trade Grin, thrilled they added it in time for launch…

Self-hosted (serverless), P2P, no KYC, Tor routed. Right now used primarily for trading monero.


I have guessed so however the supply on Bisq is scarce (to avoid saying non-existent yet). I will wait for supplies on Bisq to make my experience using the coin… thx

Hoping that grin popularity will contribute toward fixing this.

Popularity isn’t a replacement for a market maker. If we go full organic the launch price will be all over the place for weeks making it not a fun place to trade in.

It’s possible the gpu renting systems will work as replacement and this market is as healthy as they get in oh 2 weeks ish rather then 3 month ish(or the market makers are being quiet)

The engine is unquestionably full, but is there spark plugs?

My take on bisq:


  • it does have beam up already, so I believe the “at launch” claims, it may actually be a few days but so be it.
  • ui is better then I expected
  • actual privacy rambling


  • it currently has 26 btc/usd traders, and a grand total of .02 btc on the buying side of beam/btc; liquidity is super low, I expect that to continue, its important it exists but for any kind of trading that is more often then once a year I think its out of the question, your be paying percents on arbitration and other related shit

  • … does it store my key locally… on a desktop… ewwwww no no no no, I’m never putting btc on a desktop os without something extra, I have a qubes setup; but thats not something I want to boot into daily to make trades and not something I would suggest to normies. If it was just grin maybe if I forced myself to setup cold storage a year from now before the viruses that look for its wallet data, but thats a high risk from where I’m sitting

  • I don’t believe this will ever be a healthy enough market for me to play with, without an alternative motive like arbitrage, or enabling laundering

I’ll probably be signing up regardless of what anyone says, but has someone been thru the process and some light due diligence on qb yet?