Monkyyys market shitposting thread

None of the mods commented on my thread about making a thread like this… soooo saying sorry over asking permission

Post your wild unsubstantiated price predictions here; argue like children about a topic that no one knows what they are talking about and geneally make claims about the future with theories held together with spit and ducktape that are half gut feelings and the other half looking for data that supported your theory after you googled for it

Socialists and engineers digression is advised.

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Currently I believe the questions that matter is who is market making and which exchange will develop critical mass of high liquidity.

I believe the answer to both these questions is likely grinpay but I need to do allot of reading on xml as I wrote it off before when maybe I shouldn’t, while they kindly didn’t bother giving enough warning. Thin fees, shitcoin ecosystem and by my estimation opportunist all suggest its the fornt runner to me

gallon I think is extremely immature but sounds genuine to me. It wouldn’t surprise me is they got the site high or drunk on saturday and the creator was the type of high energy type of person who followed thru on that shit; I’m not worried about an exit scam but being hacked on the other hand.

chain rift seems to be a flexible shitcoin exchange whos opportunist, theres a fair chance it wins in my book but watch out for exit scams if grin suddenly 100x the other coins liquidity a few months from now; I really don’t care for their one day early announcement.

qb is chinese and Im not found of asain exchanges after bitfinex; the kyc can be horrible and I don’t have the same red flags if their announcements are in broken English. This coin is also fairly western by my estimation. Theres a chance but I rank it third, I get the strong feeling beam will win grin for the chinese market in the short term, and qb may just be completing the set.

bisq is not an exchange in the way I mean the word

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Review of ChainRift (this is how it’s stylized btw, thank you) is well received!

A few points in our defence:

  • Myself and our devs have been active in the Gitter chatroom for a while now and have made the public aware of our intentions to list GRIN since. Having said that, we do like to focus more on building than marketing. :wink:

  • For anyone looking to perform due diligence we have active collaborated with and became the first exchange to list EOS forks TLOS and WBI. They continue to be traded on our exchange actively since the day 1 listing.

  • When discussing exit scams, I think it’s important to consider where the exchange is incorporated. We’re based out of Wyoming (a little bit of due diligence will reveal the incorporation profile in public .gov registry). I would be more wary of exchanges that are newly incorporated on offshore locations (not to name any names).

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Start posting bull or bear at random go

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people who asked a finency question or gave info at some point: @markljenkins @evehammond @Simo29 @fishkiller @pefernan @Mane @GrinCollector @insider0x @MerlinsBeard @Geyl

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When discussing exit scams, I think it’s important to consider where the exchange is incorporated.

I’ve loss half my saving 3 times, two of those times have been counterparty risk, lawyers have not been riding in to save me either time.

Its the wild west and I like it that way, but it means the lawman is out guned and mostly useless as this isn’t a old western where he has magic bullets. This goes double with grin.

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All fair points.

Is this a Dark Tower reference? That’s one of my favorites by King.

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Is this a Dark Tower reference? That’s one of my favorites by King.

Not my books.

Mostly I just like the actual “wild” west as it gets abused in the same way my politics does; if someone else had the same insight and affection; a serial author referencing or parodying it in some way isn’t exactly that unreasonable


Here’s my price prediction.

Really high, low, really low, high, ???, profit.


Are you implying I’m a shitcoiner?

And I shall take no offense to see grinpay has front runner in that list :sweat_smile:

Just for the clarification is only a grin anchor – not an exchange per se. If anyone interested in buying grin has for example USD on Stronghold, EUR on Tempo, BTC on nao etc etc… then provided there are grin sellers somewhere in the world then they can use any Stellar decentralized exchange (stellarx, to name a few) or Stellar Wallet supporting DEX and trade via our anchor.

As for my personal prediction. Just look at the volume of BTC traded on Stellar DEX to realise that it is unlikely that an anchor tops the list in term of trading volume ever.

My take on Stellar is simply due to the freedom of listing, the easiness of cross-payments between all currencies, the speed of settlements and the very low fees. But there is not much point in comparing apples and oranges. When people have “native” BTC they would rather use Bisq to trade and would be right. There are some traders on Stellar however who run multi-currency accounts and might not want to withdraw their EUR, USD, BTC, ETH to get some grin.


I’m making this call for the first week to month depending on the speed this market matures.

There has been exactly one claim of market making, your platform is going to get a head start; assuming of cource miners and gpu renters can manage a stellar wallet because in my mental model miners first sell to market makers and the gpu market has learned to be extremely flexible.

Btw whats the price your setting?

Likely on observational stance till volume shows up on BTC platforms to see how GRIN is doing against the reference quote currency and till enough data can be aggregated. If we then provide liquidity on Stellar (XLM), we will follow the BTC market price anyway.

Miners should be able to use any Stellar address from their usual exchange to hold both GRIN from anchor and receive XLM – as long as their exchange is noncustodial, and they have access to their stellar private key, they can then use any exchange, wallet or even build their payload and sign offline to place an offer on the DEX and wait to get filled.

It is totally everyone’s choice which to trust, but Galleon will focus only on Grin to start with, and has been endorsed by a few people:

BTW if anyone is interested to predict Grin trading price:

Galleon after I’ve been thru its shit


  • That little contest, could very easily be data mining to market make

  • until I see the ui of the actaul trading I can’t comment on it, but it has the bells and whistles I expect so far


  • that kyc was fucking annoying, I think it was a touch more picky then coin bases.

I’m more convinced of its professionalism but seeing that hardcore kyc does not inspire confidence in its genunity.



  • “No kyc” even with caveats is nice, it still has details I assume I can’t lie on and normal poeple wouldn’t consider odd to ask; but no id numbers or photos

  • ui looks fine


  • Your 2fa back up is 3x as long as it needs and I write those out by hand and then because I clicked ip adress verification on a lark but didn’t add something or other YOU RESET IT ON ME; my paper backup of grin related passwords is now has 4 lines of crossed out letters

  • situational kyc still scares me

  • A quick look at the deposit page shows allot of greyed out buttons of shitcoins that I assume got discontined, doubling down on my assertion this is a flexible shitcoin exchange

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Eh I jumped the gun by several hours, there hasn’t yet been a transaction much less someone getting something into exchanges to start trading, see you in 5 ish hours

Either someone is trying to fuck with the difficulty or major pool software is breaking, as of block 8 that level of clumping is not random

Why do you say that? I don’t mind it actually. I have been meaning to sit down and do the math then come out with a guestimate for fun but didn’t manage to find any time so far. The Galleon challenge is more interesting than your thread for obvious reasons but I will not join it.

Coinbase maturity is 1440 blocks, ie. one day.

Mostly I was hoping for more degenerate, while your always so seri

A bunch of exchange shrills humoring me while pushing thier platform is not quite agruing like children and spaceman deleted his post merely implying I’m a shitcoiner rather then saying “monkyyy is a shitcoiner confirmed” into a rant about how great bisq is

I believe the first trade happened on

Someone offering .5 BTC for a single grin is a touch out there, but given the market illiquidity someone one making a two magnitude typo and someone transferring it into the exchange to get that absurd offer is possible

Wow, first trade at 1 BTC by scrolling down to the bottom of trade history