Beam is more successful than Grin?

Its price (0.37…) now surpass Grin (0.36…).

Success shouldn’t be measured as price per coin. Grin will have many many more coins floating around than Beam because they have a different emission schedule. If they are equally successful, Grin’s price will be lower because of the emission.

Don’t put your hands over your ears to pretend that you can’t hear anything that is bad to you. Just admit it. If price is not important, why everyone rush to BTC?

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Why did you decide that people who buy bitcoin are competent in choosing a coin and should be referred to when arguing?

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Do you understand that this is your personal value judgment?

You are not able to read minds. But you think as if this is really happening. Amazing.

in financial and monetary world,it is…So why the hell people are in crypto? They want better price than fiat to protect their savings,efforts and freedom.

Even Freedom and life has price. Price is everything,measure.

And how can Grins price will be lower because of emission,beam is inflated more than Grin.

You really put your hands to your ears. Grin deserves to be 330 th coin,after all development since 2017?

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What I stated is basic mathematics, not my opinion. If you think it’s wrong, then you’re really arguing with math, not with me.


by the way i dont compare Grin with beam or any other unless a coin has immmutable,decentralized,communtiy driven,no dev tax,no ico.

And i dont blame ,anyone devs or others. This is a community problem,we couldnt make it better altogether.

Grin dont deserve to be ignored such,and stay small. its 2 years and community small than last year.


This is exactly what I want to say. We have to focus on why grin is losing base for these two years. I think lack of exchange support and not-user-friendly transaction tools are hindering the adoption of Grin.


if you stay small, exchanges,users ignore you. Adoption is lagged becuz of tx problem. With slatepacks this problem is solved mostly.

But users,community,Grinners are very lazy,they stay silent at social media,bitcointalk forum,reddit. i just saw Tromp and a few making comments and defending Grin Mimblewimble.

How many of people here talked,twitted,mnetioned or argued with other crypto communities?

How many of us forced exchanges ,submit tickets for slatepacks? just complaining here and bragging doesnt help.Devs doing job. Rest is just complaining.

Grin community is small and lazy.


despite crypto ecosystem grow 10x, Maybe continous falling prices , made us numb. Excuses for some words.

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If you want to compare the coins’ value, you need to look at the market capitalizations. This takes account of the number of coins in circulation as well as the price per coin. According to coingecko, at the moment the market cap.s are:

BEAM: $31,264,605
GRIN: $22,809,714

So, yes, BEAM is currently more valuable. This is probably not surprising given that a lot more hard cash has been invested in that project. Whether you consider that this higher value equates to greater success is another argument.

If you think of it as an investment, bitcoin is indeed in a profit position, if the buy price is low. Now it’s not too tempting, because if you buy it at the price of 5000 USD, it only increases 8x. For those who buy at high prices, they will have little luck if they sell again, unless you buy a lot. As money, bitcoin has failed. Nothing more now just as a ponzi game of pumping and dumping. Mathematically all price levels are possible.

This kind of negative discussion should be more, the good medicine is bitter.

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If it wasn’t for this hard fork upgrade, I wouldn’t find that grin has so many human problems, such as after this upgrade It’s impossible to recharge and withdraw cash. Why can’t we solve these problems before the hard fork? Now let the people holding grin wait.


There is nothing wrong with buying and holding grin, and they should not be allowed to pay for the project’s own mistakes.

Literally 80% of the top 100 coins by market cap are complete junk and remain alive purely as a cash grab with no real future. Does their mcap make them successful? Sure, if you measure success by the acquired wealth of founders and investors.

This is a futile discussion.


It is not easy to create an alternative to fiat currency that is supported by the rest of the world with the POW system without paying attention to the mining sector, which is now being used is monopoly mining from of course those who have a lot of capital. They bought hundreds of ASIC mining machines and got lots of rewards.

There are of course many ideas to make things more ideal. The ideal decentralization can be achieved if the ASIC machine to produce Grin is cheaper and more affordable like the price of a cheap PC. And of course it would be even more ideal if there was a hashrate limit so that not only the wealthy could produce more Grin, using an ASIC miner with a larger hashrate power.

But the ideal is something you want to achieve. In fact, like mining for gold or silver, the small people can only mine small amounts of gold and silver, while large companies with superior capital and equipment can mine far more gold and silver.

So we have to make peace (among the small men) with this, namely by trying to get more Grin by buying it, working so that services are paid for a certain amount of Grin, and using it every day to make ends meet. Grin is very likely to have a guarantee for the stable price of goods when compared to Fiat in the future. Future increases in price (when viewed from a fiat standpoint) are also likely to be.


I would say more than 99% are junk. Only around 150 from 7800. Only 1% are good and true projects.


No we are comparing it with Bitcoin and all crypto ecosystem. You are bending the words.

So then why all people fud FİAT money printed unlimited and wealth? How will we measure Grin s worth?

Grin is a cryptocurrency and it is valued as simple is that.i is value is 23 million usd or 600 btc worth or 20 million pound.

Lets not color the things here.