Grin - why I think it is finally a good investment

I was a bit of a lurker for most of the time, but was following the project closely since launch. When I discovered Grin I started thinking about the money emission, the crypto ecosystem as a whole, trying to figure out the best entry point. I was tempted quite often to buy some, but luckily managed not to, because the price has fallen quite a lot since launch, but that was to be expected. Let me say that I like Grin’s emission very much. First couple of months lets distribute initial supply quite fairly among the miners. It was quite obvious that during first year the price would be going down, with the inflation being insanely high (just like BTC’s inflation was insanely high in Bitcoin’s early days).

That being said, I think we have recently reached the point, where finally Grin starts looking as a good investment.

Here is my logic behind this:

  • BTC halving is around the corner, and I believe that it will bring new altcoin rally, in which all the coins that have something to offer will start to grow and outpace BTC in terms of %%% profits.
  • emission of new coins in less and less relevant compared to the demand, at the beginning of last year, the number of coins DOUBLED after first month, then DOUBLED after two months etc. One had to be crazy back then. Now we will have to wait more than one year for the coins to double again, so finally the pressure is much, much less.
  • on technical level, we are closer and closer to standarizing TXs and giving the people tools to easily use Grin, which will also encourage various exchanges to list the project finally (I mean big exchanges that we know were considering listing Grin, but did not because they were afraid that many people will flood their support asking how to use the wallet etc.).
  • we are at a point in time, where market demand for new coins will finally outpace the emission
  • in the long term, having fair emission is one of the most important factors for the coins success, and Grin has proven to be on of the most fair in the crypto space

I have grabbed some coins in the 8000-9000 sat level (well, you can never time the exact bottom, it would be much better to buy now, but in the long run it will not be that important anyway, I remember when back in 2016 people were mad they bought ETH at 4 USD and it fell to 3 USD some time later, still good deal if you ask me).

And I am glad finally people stopped complaining about the infinite supply. Doge has infinite supply and its investors made millions, Monero had similar price problem in its early days and even Bitcoin needed some runway before it succeeded.

Yeah, perhaps I might have not bought at the exact bottom, but in the long run I guess all of us who bought Grin recently as an investment will be really happy.

What would be good to have - apart from stadarized TXs, preferably Beam style - would be easy way to implement Grin as a payment solution. BTC and Monero are the most popular solutions on the markets because they are easy to implement. That would catalyse the whole process.