Grin Economy and miner revenue

Now im willing to talk more about the problem we have to face it to become a high market cap coin and discuss why it will takes longer than usual for Grin to reach afew billion market cap.

as i mentioned before Grin mining can be very profitable but miners have to sell at least half of theirs mined coins for mining costs and in case of Grin it means alot of coins need to be sell and we always will have very high sell pressure and it will impact the price of GRIN for a longer time because the nature of constant block reward.
so how we can reduce the sell pressure?
how we create demand that fit our supply?
this is two most important questions we need to find real and practical answers to.

thank you for reading.


I am not sure it needs solving, time takes care of that naturally. And grin is a time coin :wink:
As far as I can see, Grin has bottomed out, meaning slowly (but acceleration over time), Grin’s market demand start to outpace its supply, meaning Grin’s price is going up.
Not to forget the recent investment in Grin++ and IronBelly mean the ecosystem starts to mature as well making it more attractive for regular users without much technical expertise. Also, having the first ASIC’s being made available right now is very good for Grin’s security and attractiveness for miners. To further increase adoption, the following could help

  • Two step transactions
  • More listings or DEXes, e.g. Grin/Bitcoin pairs to trade Grin
  • Software to integrate Grin in webshops (there used to be some around but I think not longer supported)

So in short, I am not sure there is much of a problem since it was known from the beginning Grin would devaluate in the early years and it appears we have found the bottom, meaning Grin’s future is bright. The points above will be worked on and hopefully solved over time, making Grin even more magical than it already is.


Yes.that’s all true. im also interested in DeFi space as pillar to create more demand for crypto currency. i really think if we can make Grin accessible to other platform and then large grin holders and miners could borrow USD against theirs Grin holdings or somehow they can get some APY for theirs Grin holdings its a big deal for demand.
I myself don’t know much about technical terms of how DeFi platforms are created or how they worked but our talented developers can do something about it.
I also think Ethereum is the winner smart contract platform for the use of people and ETH will win them all so as Bitcoin we need to create Wrapped Grin or some on Ethereum.

:thinking:This is true for crypto’s that are used as store of value and have high transaction cost and long transaction time, such as Bitcoin.
Grin is more liquid, transactions are cheap and transactions have good privacy. Therefore I think for the time being trading pairs to allow buying of Grin would be more important since it is desirable to use Grin as cash, not only hold it as investment. Once Grin matures and becomes more interesting for long term holding and blocks are getting full increasing the transaction price, it might become interesting to wrap Grin.

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yes but Ethereum smart contracts can help us make some good useful Dapps for Grin ecosystem.

That is true, in general Ethereum has a lot of potential. Hope Bitcoin crashes some more today so I can stassh both BTC and ETH. If Bitcion is the king, Ethereum certainly is the queen of crypto :wink:.
The reason why I am not super enthousiastic about wrapping Grin, is because I like Grin’s intrinsic properties. Once it gets wrapped transactions are not private or highly scalable anymore, but of course there might be interesting dAPP applications, I am not much of an expert on those either.

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