Grin is dead? Or not?

Hi all. Please tell me, does it make sense to buy today, in 2022, asic, ipollo G1 for Green mining or is the project already dead?

ASIC mining is nearly unprofitable on most residential electricity rates so by that measure no one can say it is a good investment to buy one now. If you want to speculate on it becoming more profitable in the future that is another matter.

As for whether Grin is dead… You are here, we are here, and the Grin network is running. Make of it what you will.


G1 Mini prices are low, but indeed with current price its a gamble on the price. 2023 it is likeley new Asics will hit the market, early buying one of those is a safer bet byt probably more expensive gamble.

Regarding dead or alive projects, indeed make of it what you want. Plenty of things going on in Grin on forum and keybase and plenty going on in development.


Apparently it is worth clarifying - the socket (electricity) is free! Therefore, I only look at the daily profit on the site asicminervalue.co_
I originally plan to buy an ASIC кд-lite, but its profitability is slightly less, so I’m inclined to buy two devices G1
I just don’t want the mining algorithm to change from cuckatoo32 to cuckatoo33 in 2023, for example!!!)))

@Unclefek That changes a lot. There are no plans for the future to change the mining algorithm. In case of free electricity, I think it would be a very good gamble to buy miners right now while the market is down, prices of the G1 and G1 Mini is cheap, and the hash rate is low, so higher earnings in Grin. To get a return of investment is in your case only a matter of time.


Do not buy.

Problem solved.

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Hello manners!
I ask you to answer the question of exactly those guys who mine on Ipollo G1 - please tell me, what is the real profitability for 24 hours (day) of this ASIC with its 36GPS, when mining in solo and on the pool? I ask because data from different sources differ on daily returns. Thanks for answers!
P.S. provided that the ASIC runs on free electricity

If you have free electricity, then how could any mining be unprofitable? Profit = reward - cost, but your cost is zero and reward is always expected more than 0.

If you want to estimate how many Grin you will earn, try this simple calculation: 60 x 1440 x <your_hashrate> / <network_hashrate> = AVERAGE number of solo-mined grins per day.

e.g. if you have 36gps, and the network hashrate is 8kgps, then your mining rewards ON AVERAGE would be:

60 x 1440 x 36 / 8000 = 388.8 Grin per day

Solo mining is high variance though. If you want lower variance, use a pool. Your mining reward should about the same, less the pool fee.


Please tell me, now there is a lot of information that anonymous coins are delisted from exchanges such as Monero. In this regard, I am very afraid that the turn will soon come to our beloved Grin coin. Are my fears justified?

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It is dead until I get my 100K ツ, after that I don’t mind if people notice its true value.


I don’t quite understand your humor.

GRIN mission is to be used by anyone, anywhere… Centralized exchanges cant undermine that. At the moment for miners and users, we need exchanges for sure.

Echos in my ear ''GRIN needs a way to bypass exchanges ‘’ @davidtavarez words… When we use GRIN as ‘Medium of Exchange’ as payment, C.Exchanges will cry after GRIN to list.


Grin is dead. Long live Grin.


The answer is here.


Hi everyone! please tell me what is the reason for the increase in complexity right now, during the bear market? looking at the annual complexity of the network, it was quite high from September last year to May this year. hence income was half what it is today. for example: having one G1 ASIC today, it brings $21 at the moment, it turns out that with a complexity of 400M it will be $10? right? then it turns out there are no guarantees that tomorrow the complexity of the network will not skyrocket and mining will only bring disappointment? or am I wrong? strange why the difficulty goes up in a bear market?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

That is correct. There are probably miners out there who are paying $.02/kwh.

There is no complexity in Grin PoW. Only difficulty…


hello John! As I understand it, you are directly related to the Grin coin. Please tell me, can you have information, is it expected to change the mining algorithm from C32 to C33 / 34 in the next 3-5 years? And is there a Grin fork planned during this period? I’m asking because I’m going to start mining Grin, invest in equipment for this, and therefore I’m afraid that there will not be any unforeseen changes with the coin! I would be very grateful for your answer or even advice!

C32 asics are not going to get bricked.


:joy::joy::joy:. My kind of Grinner. I love when the price goes down. All I do is load up on more. Even when the price stays the same, I still load up!