Why could Grin succeed? Why could Grin fail? Speculation thread


  • one of the best and most fair distributions that any coin ever had
  • inflation is getting noticeably lower
  • high probability of infulential crypto people being Grin supporters/holders
  • low liquidity on the exchanges will result in huge pump when/if hype for Grin kicks in
  • minimalism
  • solid team
  • solid supporters that are not part of the core (Grin++)
  • support of early bitcoiners (not sure if still valid)
  • first ASICs are happening


  • No solid community of early adopters. (Even that the rules of the game were clear from the start, most of them bough in anyway, and are now rekt, so they moved to different projects.)
  • Still hard to use for average crypto user (both technical reasons and lack of education)
  • No perspectives of exchanges listing Grin (unless money from the fund gets spent or influential holders act)
  • Devs getting paid huge salaries (off-putting for external contributors, makes the project less cypher-punkish and against it’s roots)
  • Devs not having skin in the game (no incentive to care about Grin’s price, if they are paid in BTC)
  • people are complaining on various stuff and noone forked the chain yet, so perhaps people with technical knowledge to do so don’t think it’s worth bothering with
  • most ASICs were cancelled, current ones are not selling very well

Overall: this is high risk/high reward project. It might stagnate or go down further but if for whatever reason (organic, influencer pump) Grin starts gaining popularity, it will skyrocket very fast. Which is more probable? Who the fuck knows.


I can add some insight for this one…

A controversial fork could very well destroy this young coin. And even if it did survive, considering the limited size of the dev community, both coins would likely be even more centralized (one of the biggest complaints about Grin currently).

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If there were more people who are not waiting for what will happen with this coin analyzing the merits and demerits, then the prospect and acceptance would be much greater.

For example, arrange a meetup or video conference with your immediate environment. I’m assuming you don’t, but of course expect a lot.

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Hi David. We really need your opinion if Grin with the development fund can make its own exchange, let’s say just one pair GRIN / USDT. So all people in the world just need to exchange their local currency with USDT whichever exchange they want, then with USDT people can get GRIN and can start trying to transact with funds in their own wallet on an Android phone.

In my opinion, this is an important step, because it is very difficult to buy GRIN and none exchange support slatepacks at the moment.

Could you shed some light for us…

i think Grin is now Blackberry phone. Yes it is a phone with some features. a few people fan and use it just.

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i hope people get used to Grin as iphone or android phones in 2021 and forward. it becomes main stream with the logo.


It’s both a Boon and a Bane

Thats why Monero stayed strong on ASIC Resistance


ASIC it is not about Cypherpunks it is Centralization and slavery where no exit for Cypherpunks community.
Developers and Grin Core make a big mistake when loose miners. Miners it is guarantors without them coin is useless and price action establish it. No one need such thing.

ASICs address a vulnerability that couldn’t be avoided by cypherpunks. There’s little difference in other approaches. In economies of scale the little guy always loses. You can hardly get your hands on the new gpus or suitable cpu for randomX and you pay an artificial premium for them. You’ll never get your roi, certainly not with randomX

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Grin need anti-pool protection and algo need not allow for pool node have all rewards in grinnet only one reward for node per day. Some coins have only solo mining. Pools are centralization and dangerous chitters they alredy crashed this coin and compromise it by 51% attack.

I think this is both advantage and disadvantage, depends on the view point.

I think it is true that it makes developers care less about grin price, but it allows them to focus on what they are meant to do: solving technical problems and implementing new features. I choose to see it as an advantage because it protects Grin from becoming some kind of vaporware technology that does not even exist yet it is heavily advertised and already delivered in a shiny box.

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Developers revile the real price of this coin. Even outsiders acknowledge that.

Then help me promote stratum V2 or better hash. I hope you can code cause all I can do is cheerlead for it

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I get the logic of being paid in grin, but we arent a dev tax coin. Donations come as they are. I dont think anyone should be taking liability to trade it into another form unless it is for their personal use. Also, as much as it might hurt, the best option is to retain the most value and they made the correct decisions based on all of the above. (More directed at GrinDarkNetBank)

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Coin is useless especially for developers. They don’t want even contact with this this … But so many people in this world not so wise.

I can speculate GRIN can be successful if:

  1. There is an incentive to run a full android node

  2. ASIC mini home machines can be produced again with more mining power than now and cheaper

  3. Available exchanges with fiat pairs anywhere

  4. There is a market where GRIN is accepted as a means of payment

  5. GRIN is used in daily transactions

  6. Developers work like a hobby, donations for their hard work are paid with GRIN, anyone can build GRIN on the basis of democracy

Not all of the steps above can be realized quickly and hopefully can be done.


I am pretty sure somebody is forking Grin and we would know on its birthday, right? because everybody is so theatrical here. HA. . Hi David.

But also who the hell cares. Everybody just likes BTC. I still hate everything :slight_smile: Hope you are all good.


Grin could be successful if it just kept up the shine which is hard. And just progressively became more cool. But people have the attention span of a goldfish and they want new, because it seems the money flows to new now and just flows right out to the next new thing.

Grin could be successful if it was usable. What crypto is? This is all just a speculation cesspool until somebody cracks the distribution nut and makes something people want outside of the price. But this is not a popular opinion. Better to just sell to the same people forever.

This is a very pessimistic view, but I don’t have any crypto so it’s easy to just be real about it. People get upset because they are invested. They’re defending their wealth. It’s hard to be critically analytical in that position.

Yes. Tribalism is strong inside crypto.

And tribalism is strong outside crypto.

The world is strange.


hahah. True. Nice to see you here still. :slight_smile:

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