IPOLLO GRIN G1-Mini Miner Prototype

I got a prototype of G1-Mini miner yesterday, and tested it immediately :sunny:

According to their post in Medium (GRIN ASIC Miner IPOLLO Stepping Up Production to Triple GRIN Network Hashpower Soon | by iPollo | Medium):

Based on this malicious attack, IPOLLO miner promises to step up the production with a total 20K(G/S) hashpower in the remaining time of 2020, to support the GRIN community strengthen the GRIN network.

I expect these mini miners will be ready for public sale soon, to get a substantial increasing of the GRIN network hashpower for security. :sunny:

Their website is http://ipollo.com/, but it’s ugly and tatty at this time, laughed by some members for like a scram: Telegram: Contact @grinprivacy

It does not seem reasonable that a company that has developed such technology has not invested $ 500 dollars for a normal website, no about about or contact page or any relevant information for the buyers.

I forwarded the website comments to IPOLLO, and hope them improving the website quickly. :grin:


Is it loud? Can it be used in a living room?


How many $GRIN per day could be mined with IPOLLO G1 Mini?

1.4 Gps. Is it 14 $GRIN/Day?

65 dB-A near the fan when switching on, vs 40 dB-A when off.
55 dB-A if put under the table.
A bit noisy, but this is a prototype, I complained the noise and hope them improve this. There’s some configurations to lower the fan speed.

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Perhaps 10 GRIN/Day according to f2pool’s calculator, but I suppose this is an assumption with stable network hashpower.

In my country with the current price of $GRIN ($0.29) and current electricity cost/kWh, this miner would produce around 2.8 USD profit a day, 83 USD a month. Break event point after 6 months :grin:


I need several units.

I want to buy 5 G1 mini, it is difficult to have information for the payment, you have to go through gate.io to pay in grin.
I mine grin from the genesis block with gpu.It would be sad if the little ones who support GRIN could not continue to support the network.

Can We use 5 G1 Mini at once by using only 1 PC?

65 decibel fan(s) to cool 100W. That’s fan noise I’d expect from 12x the heat/power. Hopefully that prototype gets radically changed. Surely 140MM fan would be more than adequate to cool and would be near silent. $520 price should allow for larger heatsink and fan to avoid small fan at high RPM.

At AkMiner website, they sold 20 of Mini Miners for 1000$…!

Oh I see now, that makes a bit more sense @ $50 per G1-Mini, but even at 20 units for $1,000, that’s barely 1/2 the hash of the G1 regular ASIC that sells for as low as $1k/each.

It’s obviously a fake and scam, I confirmed that with iPOLLO, $1k for G1 is impossible.


Any idea what the G1 will cost officially? If G1 is $15k/each then G1-Mini for $520/each is same price/hash.

G1 will cost $15K (42 Gps)
G1 Mini cost $500 (1.4 Gps)
G1 Hash 30x G1 Mini

You can read the evaluation review here about G1, but you need install a google translate apk on your android phone.



I said G1 Mini Miners were sold for 1k$ not G1!!!

This seems retarded. For the price, I could just buy GRIN and watch it appreciate over a year. I’m just getting into this, so quite possible I’m missing something here. But I just don’t see cost benefit. I’d rather build my own miner with higher Hash?

I am finding these all over Alibaba.com with supposed 1.4 hash and 100W consumption. Anywhere from 680-1200 dollars. It would take over a year for ROI in most cases from what I can tell.

each g1mini gives you around 10~11 grin with current price which is about $0.36 usually you get $108 dollar per month and the ROI is 9 month maximum if you can catch the pumps in TO you can get more.
Note=what made you think if you hold grin right now considering lack of demand and 30%+ inflation, your money keep goes up?

Also, I need to warn you about folks in Alibaba that maybe you get a raspberry pie instead of g1mini so becarefull

Thanks for the good tips. I didn’t have a great feeling about Alibaba and I checked ipollo Twitter feed which seems janky at best. Seems a lot of folks are trying sucker in newbies like me.

To your note- I wasn’t saying GRIN would go up necessarily. Just that for the money and if I were interested in GRIN, I would just buy it and hold. Makes more sense to just build my own setups and mine different coin?

ipollo is legit but not good customer service if you decided to buy Nhash is good option