IPOLLO GRIN G1-Mini Miner Prototype

I got a prototype of G1-Mini miner yesterday, and tested it immediately :sunny:

According to their post in Medium (https://ipolloglobal.medium.com/grin-asic-miner-ipollo-stepping-up-production-to-triple-grin-network-hashpower-soon-95a4e10bb2a8):

Based on this malicious attack, IPOLLO miner promises to step up the production with a total 20K(G/S) hashpower in the remaining time of 2020, to support the GRIN community strengthen the GRIN network.

I expect these mini miners will be ready for public sale soon, to get a substantial increasing of the GRIN network hashpower for security. :sunny:

Their website is http://ipollo.com/, but it’s ugly and tatty at this time, laughed by some members for like a scram: https://t.me/grinprivacy/1951

It does not seem reasonable that a company that has developed such technology has not invested $ 500 dollars for a normal website, no about about or contact page or any relevant information for the buyers.

I forwarded the website comments to IPOLLO, and hope them improving the website quickly. :grin:


Is it loud? Can it be used in a living room?


How many $GRIN per day could be mined with IPOLLO G1 Mini?

1.4 Gps. Is it 14 $GRIN/Day?

65 dB-A near the fan when switching on, vs 40 dB-A when off.
55 dB-A if put under the table.
A bit noisy, but this is a prototype, I complained the noise and hope them improve this. There’s some configurations to lower the fan speed.

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Perhaps 10 GRIN/Day according to f2pool’s calculator, but I suppose this is an assumption with stable network hashpower.

In my country with the current price of $GRIN ($0.29) and current electricity cost/kWh, this miner would produce around 2.8 USD profit a day, 83 USD a month. Break event point after 6 months :grin:


I need several units.

I want to buy 5 G1 mini, it is difficult to have information for the payment, you have to go through gate.io to pay in grin.
I mine grin from the genesis block with gpu.It would be sad if the little ones who support GRIN could not continue to support the network.

Can We use 5 G1 Mini at once by using only 1 PC?

65 decibel fan(s) to cool 100W. That’s fan noise I’d expect from 12x the heat/power. Hopefully that prototype gets radically changed. Surely 140MM fan would be more than adequate to cool and would be near silent. $520 price should allow for larger heatsink and fan to avoid small fan at high RPM.

At AkMiner website, they sold 20 of Mini Miners for 1000$…!

Oh I see now, that makes a bit more sense @ $50 per G1-Mini, but even at 20 units for $1,000, that’s barely 1/2 the hash of the G1 regular ASIC that sells for as low as $1k/each.

It’s obviously a fake and scam, I confirmed that with iPOLLO, $1k for G1 is impossible.


Any idea what the G1 will cost officially? If G1 is $15k/each then G1-Mini for $520/each is same price/hash.

G1 will cost $15K (42 Gps)
G1 Mini cost $500 (1.4 Gps)
G1 Hash 30x G1 Mini

You can read the evaluation review here about G1, but you need install a google translate apk on your android phone.



I said G1 Mini Miners were sold for 1k$ not G1!!!