【NHASH】iPollo G1 mini $269 and G1 $7999 on sale!

Hello guy!! G1 and G1 Mini are in stock now, the latest for unit price here:

:comet: iPollo G1 mini 1.2Gh : $269

:comet: iPollo G1 36Gh : $7,999

By the way, you guys can enjoy the unprecedented discount when the ordered amount reach to:
Fro G1 mini :
For 1-30 units :point_right: $269 per unit|
For 31-100 units :point_right: $249 per unit
For >100 units :point_right: $229 per unit

Anyone who interested in the latest news, just feel free to contact us through Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NHASH_iPollo_GRIN_Miners

Welcome to a member of our big family!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:For more details, you can check on our official website: https://www.nhash.net/


here i got a question, if i ordered a G1 (the big one), how could i avoid a tax from the customs?

Hello, we can declare the amount as you need. Or ship by the way that customs clearance included. We will confirm the details before arrange the shipping.

Why is the price on your website different from here?

This is the special price for the community :smiley: :smiley:


How do we order at this price? The website says much higher the price. Feel free to DM me order instructions.

Hello, pls contact us for ordering on telegram: Telegram: Contact @hirodai0206 or whatsapp +8618069778406.

I cannot use telegram or whatsapp. Ill wait the website does update price.

Email us is also okay support@nhash.net :grinning:

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I want to by a G1 miner,could the price be much lower,or do you have a coupon?

Please find us on telegram: Telegram: Contact @hirodai0206 or whatsapp +8618069778406.
With nice price for you guys :smiley: :smiley:

ok , thank you, Helen! :blush:

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Looking to purchase some G1 mini and trying to find best price that includes shipping, duty, and insurance. And what form of payment do you guys accept?

Which country are you located? We will check the shipping details for you. The USDT& Coinbase & PayPal payment is okay. For more details, pls find us on telegram: Telegram: Contact @hirodai0206 or whatsapp +8618069778406.

the US, Florida. The payment method is okay, let’s chat on whatsapp…

US NY10921 is ok for shipping. And you can also join our telegram group is you are interested in the latest news: Telegram: Contact @NHASH_iPollo_GRIN_Miners :grinning: