[Clarification: iPollo confirmed NHASH] iPollo G1 miner info requested

I’m new on this platform, and interested in mining (long term). So I came across the iPollo G1 miner. Do any of you own one? How is that going?

The iPollo website is only in Chinese, so with all do respect I can’t make anything of it. Are they reliable? Do they deliver? What is delivery time?

Anything can help. Thanks in advance!

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I did write a small forum post about the current iPollo G1 mini aka iChicken : Chicken{1...4} are not running away - iPollo G1 mini - review and disassembly

Currently they are sold out , website is not really informative or up to date and no one has an idea about a new batch ETA.


1 iPollo G1 MINI can mine around 10 grin per day. I have been using it for 3 weeks approximately. The output has been gradually going down to 8 per miner per day due to the increased hash rate of the whole network. I asked them if they had more of them so I could purchase some more. They replied me that they were both out of stock mini and G1 because the supply of GPU is in shortage. I have seen from the Chinese WeChat channel of iPollo that the company has put in G2 in production. Let’s see how it plays out.


Alibaba is never allowed to sell G1 mini. You should buy it on the official platform. iPollo is trustworthy. As far as I know, they will supply it soon

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Thank you. Can you tell us anything about the G2 already?
When will the G1 (not the mini) be available?


G2 In the foreseeable future
You can book G1 now through official channels NHASH

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You can contact NHASH as follow:

NHASH’s Official website: https://www.nhash.net/

NHASH’s Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/NHASH_mining

NHASH’s Official Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NHASH_mining

strange, i always thought @ipollosales was the official IPollo-Useraccount in this forum. Why is there a new account @IPOLLO that advertises NHash?

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Good catch!

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@mods, please help. They are probably trying to take our Grins.

The website https://www.ipollo.com/ipollo_en/ does not load for me.
Unless there is a statement by @ipollosales or a statement on ipollo.com that links to nhash, I would believe these guys nothing at all.


possible scam attempt? I doubt they’ve lost their forum pw since 2 months ago, also their responses seem weird and scammy (double posts, can’t update the page etc). I suggest to ignore him/them until ipollo actually confirms them, which i honestly don’t think will happen. @tromp maybe check their ips and ban them if necessary

Hi, here we have iPollo G1 & G1 mini available.
NHASH is iPollo official authorized distributor, you can check our certificate in Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @NHASH_mining
It’s pre-ordering on our website, and support 3 language: CN/ EN/ RU. :point_right:www.nhash.net
The G1 will be released at the end of June.
You can contact us in Telegram or email: support@nhash.net

Could you share some photo/video or reseller certificate as proof?


Here we have post the certificate in our Telegram group: @NHASH_mining (Telegram: Contact @NHASH_mining) You can take a look.


iPollo posted this in twitter:


I want to order 2 G1 mini miners but it is better to wait for confirmation from Grin community in my opinion, not others.

For anyone without Telegram and wants to see the certificate.


Hi, the community has titled we are official confirmed distributor.

I just ordered a G1 mini, saw the twitter announcement - Sale going on for $899


Please send an email to :support@nhash.net, so we can check for you.