Update: Parameters of this batch of iPollo G1 mini (June)

The latest parameters of this batch of iPollo G1 mini(June) are as follows:

Hashrate: 1.3 Gps ±10%
Power Consumption: 120W (+ 0~+10%)

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Hello everyone, the ordering of first batch iPollo G1 & G1 mini is about to end.
Today is the final day of G1 mini $899 per unit. NHASH only has few units support ordering. If you guys want to order or add units, please join NHASH telegram group Telegram: Contact @NHASH_mining or send email to support@nhash.net

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  1. iPollo G1 mini has changed power adapter from 120W to 180W, which can cover the floating range of power consumption.
  2. The plug of each mining rig is equipped according to the customer’s receiving address.
  3. We have enlarged the housing heat dissipation aperture, improve the heat dissipation of the G1 mini.
  4. Before delivery we will carefully check every mining rig, with the standard machine aging test process, after running normal the mining rig will be delivered.
  5. iPollo offers a half year warrenty, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact NHASH or iPollo.