[ENDED] Sales in Forum for iPOLLO G1-Mini Miner with Exclusive Discount and 20% Donation Promise

I see iPOLLO G1-Mini start accepting orders since their official new product launch event on Dec. 15, and I see the complains in community for the difficulty of making an order, especially for people from western world. I forward the words to iPOLLO’s top management team, they answer that there are too many scalpers there in Telegram channel and they’re hesitating on those queries/sales, they say iPOLLO want to launch a fair sales but it’s quite difficult to identify who comes from the GRIN community and who is a long term supporter of GRIN so as to give a priority. But I think this forum maybe can help on that, even not perfect.

During the communication, iPOLLO gave a proposal which I think quite feasible and I revised a little, that they can reserve 50 G1-Mini miners (or maybe a little more if needed) for this GRIN forum, but with following restrictions :sunny::

  • These 50 G1-Mini miners are only for the old users in this forum, all new registered forum users after this post is not qualified to make order for this time.
  • Each forum user can make an order for <= 2 miners.
  • The delivery address must not be the China mainland. (Sorry about that but I suppose the Chinese users are convenient to buy it with WeChat.)
  • The delivery address can not be India. (b/c problem of export there)
  • This forum sales is available for about 2 weeks, i.e., sales will be closed at 2020.12.31 UTC 23:59:59. :sunny:

Thanks for iPOLLO, we can get a discount plus a donation promise for this Forum Sales, and this discount is ONLY available here, not at any other sales channel.

  • The official quotation of one G1-Mini is $520 (USD).
  • 5% discount with GRIN payment, i.e., $494 for each G1-Mini.
  • 20% donation for the total sales revenue in this forum sales, i.e., $100 donation to Grin Dev Fund for each G1-Mini sales here. Donation will be given when this sales close.

Payment and Shipment:

  • Please choose your suitable payment method presented in https://www.ipollo.com/ipollo_en/interhashMikecrm.html.
  • The shipment would suppose to be the mid of Jan. 2021, if the logistics impact during the epidemic is not considered.
  • This price only covers the cost of the miner itself. The transport logistics will have to be taken care of by buyer, and iPOLLO will check this with buyer before delivery.

iPOLLO will assign one salesman :sunny: (@ipollosales) to join this forum so as to handle this forum sales. A valid order must be made by replying this post with the required number of G1-Mini, plus sending an email to interhash@ipollo.com, remember to note in email about your username in this forum, plus the delivery address.


  1. I’m not part of iPOLLO, also I have no any financial interest related to iPOLLO. I’m a little bit active at this time to help iPOLLO (to connect better with GRIN community) just because GRIN indeed need ASIC miner and vice versa IMO, the investing for an ASIC (from R&D to manufacturing) is very expensive considering the current GRIN market cap, and iPOLLO is the first available one with a promising performance. Higher network hashpower in GRIN always means better security and brighter future. I like/want GRIN better, that’s all.
  2. Mining on your own risk. There’s no guarantee to be profitable mining GRIN with this machine. The crytocurrency market has big risks and any investment needs to be cautious!
  3. iPOLLO is a company registered in China Zhejiang province, I take a screenshot (sorry only Chinese available) from China goverment website http://zj.gsxt.gov.cn . Any issue concerning to the iPOLLO product, please consult with iPOLLO service or its legal entity.

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Hi Gary, you’re awesome:

With only 50 to divide I buy one. I will confirm in e-mail. I will of course pay in Grin.

Update 12-21:

  • Order got confirmed after 1 day
  • Payed 520 in tether. Unfortunately not in Grin bc no slatepack support
  • Awaiting confirmation of my payment… (confirmed)
  • Awaiting delivery… (pending)

Why can’t we ship it to the original residents of GRIN community in China?

I didn’t buy G1 Mini in wechat and telegraph groups in China

I now need to pay 50% of the original price premium to buy G1 mining machine in China

That’s Great Gary,
I buy one and will confirm in e-mail :+1:.

Great ! thank you for this initiative.
I take 2 G1 mini if ​​possible.

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Great, I will order 2 G1 Mini’s.

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Sent E-Mail to confirm my order received this reply.

They could share same email with other channels, that’s why you got that auto-reply info, but don’t worry, iPOLLO reserves the numbers for this forum sales. @ipollosales please confirm that, thanks.


Thank u for your prompt response :+1:

website-ipollo.com ? i thought the official website was ipollo.com
@gary can you confirm ?


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I’ll buy 2x (two units) of G1-Mini.


1 mini order for me extra text to fit the requriement of 20


G1-Mini miners for Mainland China have been sold out, this was why we set this auto-reply info. As for overseas, we firstly reserve the 50 miners for this forum sales and then sell to others if there is any miner left. In addition, our official website is https://ipollo.com/, thanks.


Hello, I can’t buy G1-Mini in domestic channel. Can I sell it to me? Thank you very much!
At present, G1-Mini in China has sold for nearly 1000 US dollars. I really want to buy two

Thank you for reply :+1:

Could you please publish the total production numbers (existing and planned) of both the G1 and G1-mini? Thanks!


Hi, Tromp, we are sorry that G1 is not included in this product launch event. If we have sales plan for G1, we will post it on our official webiste. Moreover, the total production numbers of G1-mini in this batch is less than 1,000.


Note: 1.Please offer your telephone number in your order email. 2.Please offer your transfer screenshot in your order email to avoid the txid being misrepresented.

Thanks for the info!
That seems like a rather small number. The total of 1400 gps of this batch will have only a minor impact on the network graphrate. Do you have any plans for future batches yet?