[Clarification: iPollo confirmed NHASH] NHASH is selling iPollo GRIN Miners!

I was a first batch buyer of 5x iPollo’s G1-mini through the forum sales campaign. Yes, the PSUs had to be replaced with higher capacity, but at the price of $494/unit, that included the disposable PSU and FedEx IP shipping. To get the 5% discount promotion, I paid in ツ when the value was much higher in USD than now, and the resale value has been 250% higher than the original USD purchase price. Total ツ mined since February 2021 with these 5 units is 8,403 ツ. So, buying G1-mini ASICs was the best decision vs. not buying them.

My 5x G1-mini mining setup:

Considering that these are the best ツ mining hardware, how ツ has no halvenings, and ツ price is low so we can accumulate more coins, I’m now placing a 2nd order for:
G1 x1 (equivalent of 30x G1-mini) + G1-mini x20