G1 Mini now available on Newegg in USA, sold by NHASH

Pricing not quite as good of course but I know as a buyer I’d be a lot more comfortable ordering through there.


Can anyone confirm this is trustworthy?
If it is, I can add it to the list of available miner retailers on Grin Hub:

I would consider Newegg trustworthy in that I would be confident that I would get a refund if the product was not delivered, even if the seller was fake. But maybe Nhash can confirm.


@Helen :point_up_2:Can you confirm that Newegg is a distributor of G1’s and G1 Mini’s in the US?


i contacted Nhash. They confirmed,that they are the seller.


Updated the overview and added Newegg as mining distributor:


Brand: iPolloModel: Ipollo G1 MiniAlgorithm: Cuckatoo31/32Coins: GrinHashrate: 1.4 Gp/sPower Consumption: 120WPlease note: This is Used But work well product. We will drebug the machine before shipment to ensure normal operationThe miner required input voltage is 220V. Wrong input voltage may make miner damaged.

NHASH newegg store of iPollo G1 mini: iPollo G1 mini 1.2G/S(with PSU)Grin Miner Low noise Small&simple Home Mining Home Riching - Newegg.com
NHASH website G1 mini: NHASH—A Global Leading Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Supplier
Both are available :slight_smile:
Thanks for contact.


Price on Newegg is much higher than their website nhash.net.
I saw the retail price with free shipping is only $399 now

I just visit the nhash.net, the price of G1 Mini is $298.00 ,the Shipping Fee is $100.00

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I just placed an order from Nhash website, their service is very nice! If they can add more payment methods could be better,I need to pay fee for buying USDT.

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Our website support USDT & Coinbase, please check via the link: NHASH—A Global Leading Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Supplier

Ive purchased 2 iPollo’s from Newegg and recieved in the states in under 3 days. Also purchased from belaymining.com 3 days ago and it hasnt shipped yet.

I purchased from Nhash.net directly, and received my units in ~14 days to the USA. Not as fast as 3 days, but worth it for the much cheaper price than Newegg

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