iPollo G1 mini Unprecedented Discount list

Lowest price as I see at all.
iPollo G1 mini Grin Miner 299 USD
iPollo G1 mini Grin Miner 50 pieces 14950 USD

Purchasing link:https://www.powpower.net/pow/?filter_coin=grin&query_type_coin=or&showtype=grid

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Seems suspect of being a scam. This powpower.net seems to have come out of nowhere and instantly provides a fully functional well-polished ecommerce site without any typos or broken links, nothing like what we are accustomed to from iPollo.com and Nhash.net. I’d recommend checking with iPollo, asking if powpower.net is a legitimate reseller, before ordering from them. Also, this is the OP’s jasonpaul first post and he just registered here to post this ad.

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I understand what you are worrying about. POWPOWER used to sell miners in domestic market(China),However,limited by a series of policies refrain cryptomining and everything about it. Now we are forced to turn to overseas countries. Thank you for guarding Grin community. You may go and check these three links to see if POWPOWER is legit.They have Grin Official’s endorsement.

Grin Substack Clearance

Grin Forum

Grin Github Clearance

After reading this essay you will have further understanding about POWPOWER

They allow PayPal payments which is good (buyer protection), though I would love to see a Grin Payment Option. It would be really interesting to know why they do not offer such an option and what would be needed to provide such a payment option. Grin can only survive if it is actively used as a currency, so this point might be cruical for the project


My apologies for the skepticism.That $299 shipped price by PayPal seemed too low, but now that I look at earnings, it’s 2 year ROI after utilities for some of us. So, not priced too low at all for this market.

“PowPower has pledged 2% of sales to be donated to Grin project development.”

That’s good to see. Looks like I’ll be placing an order shortly.

Yes, it is a very tantalizing offer :drooling_face:. When the market capitulates and prices plummets, the best investments are often made.
Did anyone successfully order via POWPOWER? Hearing some positive user stories is always great for trust.

Hi, Neo-Geo !:slightly_smiling_face:Have you already bought a miner from this store, how about the quality?I just saw the G1 price from another website:nhash.net, their price is Price:$298.00.I’m a little confused about which one is better.

As far as I can tell, best price is from PowPower still, assuming this is shipped, translates to $280/unit. Plus, they take PayPal, which means earning point on a credit card.

My last order from Grin ASICs was from Nhash last year, but intend to order again soon. New facility is being finished with 400A main and 14x 30A 220V circuits. Looking like July, so will order a week or so before they can be put to use.

Thank you,Neo~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Your answer helped me a lot.But I’ve already placed an order at nhash.net today, their service is very nice.I hope their miner can work well when I get it.