Selling some iPollo G1 minis

I have too many units for my current setup, and would like to sell some (up to 5 units). All units are in good working order. Includes power supply and original packaging.

I will only accept payment in Grin. $275 each at Grin/USD TradeOgre spot price.

DM me if interested.


Current price is 5,784 Grin each @ 0.06051 Grin/USD

Price reduction: $275 per unit.

Current price is 4,773 Grin each @ 0.05761 Grin/USD

Good offer thanks. Will response soon.

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Dm me please thank you very much

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Any chance you would sell it on eBay or another site? I would pay more to cover the fees, and I would buy 2 or 3 units.

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Ebay does not allow Grin. I’m only interested in selling for Grin :smiley:

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Three units sold. Only two available now.

Current price is 4,681 Grin each @ 0.05875 USD/Grin

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Strange, I cannot dm you, can you send message to me?

Please @coolwhip prioritize users in this thread who wants to buy first, if you then still have some left let me know.

Yes, I have been. I don’t want to reveal who does or doesn’t buy my ASICs, but the buyers have been from this thread only. No outside bidding. Grin only.


Strange. I’ve sent a DM to you just now.

All units have been sold. Thanks to the community members who bought. Happy hashing :smiley:

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