WTB used Ipollo G1 mini soon using GRIN or BTC/LTC/XMR

I am in the US and would like to find someone reputable in the community to help me take advantage of my free electric cost and I can help them by taking the unprofitable ASIC off of their hands to join my servers I mine XMR with using a p2pool xmrig setup. I see the eBay listing for $399 shipped from NY, so that’s always an option, but I’d much rather not pay that much and trade p2p as I’ve been trying to move away from all things KYC. I may also be interested in adding 1-2 more miners after I get the first one too, please message me if you’re interested.

I’d like to get involved with helping GRIN in other ways also over the coming months and years. As a medically retired IT pro I don’t have extensive coding skills really, but am great with networking and servers and especially updating and streamlining documentation. I’m setting up Keybase to inquire about it in the chat and am hopeful I can help.


I see that some G1 mini still available in this thread, you can try to buy one or two to test.

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PM sent. I have 34x functional and mining G1-mini on hand and can satisfy your purchase range and beat eBay pricing by a generous margin. Active pool links provided as proof of hash and units.


How much do you want for 3 units?

Seen and replied. Thanks so much, brain is fried after the first really hot weather this year so I hope I didn’t repeat myself or not make sense. I tend to do that with the power of ADHD + MS behind my words and recall.