[BUY] GRIN G1-Mini miner from nHash directly - with discount!

Until we have all information verified about the other group buy I did negotiate a small discount price for the GRIN COMMUNITY only with nHash.

+++ Announcement from nHash +++

We are happy to tell GRIN community that we have G1 Mini Carnival for iPollo G1 mini!

$20 discount for unit——the limited price is $279!

Don’t miss out on this huge sale on NHASH!
G1 Mini Carnival TIMELINE valid until: 28.07.2022 until 31.07.2022

If GRIN community want group buying, let me know and we can contact nHash directly and they could offer us a more favorable price!

(Quote from nHash VIP team member)


Get’s the markets moving :wink:

As far as I know, nhash’s lowest at current group-buy quantities (25-50moq) is roughly $269/unit. Shipping included as a bonus. I have not ordered from them personally, only direct from the manufacturer iPollo. Though no qualms with either it seems.

mine minimal :grin: