[NHASH] The last batch of iPollo G1 mini is on sale

Hello everyone,
The Last Batch of iPollo G1 mini is on sale now!
We offer special price for both individual and group buyers!
Offer is subject to availability, first come first served!
For ordering, please check on our website: Global Cryptocurrency Miners and Hashrate Service Platform for Bitcoin Ethereum Filecoin Grin
Any problems, welcome to contact us in telegram group:Telegram: Contact @NHASH_iPollo_GRIN_Miners

It is our last batch of iPollo G1 mini and at least this year, it won’t be in stock again. If you are interested in it, don’t miss out.

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iPollo G1 mini is Sold out

I need one pleaseI need one pleaseI need one pleaseI need one pleaseI need one pleaseI need one please

iPollo G1 mini now is out of stock, but a new batch will be released in October, you can join our telegram group first and we will post the latest news there: Telegram: Contact @NHASH_iPollo_GRIN_Miners


Customized (NFT themed?) not Halloween edition iPollo G1-minis that were just now posted on Nhash’s telegram.


Super cute! I want one, are the prices already known?

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So cute. It forces to buy. ツ


The price hasn’t come out yet, any news we will post here or you can also join our telegram group: Telegram: Contact @NHASH_iPollo_GRIN_Miners

It would be really nice if you would offer the option for pay the Miner with Grin since Grin is meant as a means of payment in the first place. Also, such move would be a well appreciated commitment to the project.