GRIN Miners from Powpower in Hot Sale

Both iPollo V1 mini ETC Miner and iPollo G1 mini are available but limited!

POWPOWER specializes in mining industry in China for four years, is the biggest client of iPollo, and also has long-term partnership with Bitmain, Avalon, Jasminer, Innoosilicon, Whatsminer, Goldshell.Recently,limited by domestic policies,now full commitment to foreign markets.

Hardly make promotions,just give you better choices.

As a new brand,Powpower come here,which should be more honest and reliable,because in the future will have ETH miner to provide.

Powpower is willing to answer your any questions whatever you have interest in mining GRIN or cloud mining.

Contact Us:

Powpower’s Official website:
Powpower’s Official Twitter: @POWPOWER2020


Ipollo confirmed Powpower to be an official miner distributor :+1:.