[Clarification: iPollo confirmed NHASH] NHASH is selling iPollo GRIN Miners!

Both G1 and G1 mini are available but limited!

NHASH is a professional mining company providing miners and hashrate to global market, which was authorized as a dealer by iPollo official.
You may confirm our validity and legality by checking our authorization certificate in our Telegram group or querying iPollo official.

NHASH is willing to answer your any questions whatever you have interest in mining GRIN or cloud mining.

Contact Us:

NHASH’s Official website: https://www.nhash.net/

NHASH’s Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/NHASH_mining

NHASH’s Official Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NHASH_mining


Unable to register?
I want to try.

Order Steps:

  1. Register your account.
  2. Click the “Miner” page.
  3. Click “Order now”.
  4. Fill the form and click “submit”.

If any error with the up steps, please send related order info to our official email: support@nhash.net

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Has anyone verified them with ipollo?


ipollo.com seems offline.

The last snapshot on archive.org is from March 13:
iPollo Official Website-Buy iPollo Miners- G1 -

This is their partners section from back then:

It mentions INTERHASH, but not NHASH

There is no English language selection. Only Chinese

One second here, is this a new company?
Based on the domain data, its a relatively new domain which was registered 54 days ago.

I would, if not otherwise confirmed, say its a site which you should not blindly trust and be care full.

Source: Whois Lookup Captcha

I am also trying to get an official answer from iPollo and AntPool as nhash claims to have partnered up.

You can follow along on telegram where I did ask:

AntPool: Telegram: Contact @AntPoolOffical
iPollo: Telegram: Contact @iPolloGlobal


INTERHASH has transferred all the work to NHASH, and NHASH will be the official distributor of iPollo in the future. iPollo official will announce us soon.

Our website has been updated. Pls try to register it now. If any question, feel free to let me know.

You guys can check the official link soon :slight_smile:

Great. Nobody should send any money to NHASH before that.


Yes, our products are currently in the registration pre-sale stage. Before our customers place any order, we will let you know we are 100% authorized .

Yes, we have received your message in the telegram group and will confirm with you.

Hi, as you probably know, there have been too many scams around and I personally don’t know at which authority to confirm the certificate so the certificate is just another image for me (which I can’t even read!).

Could you please get the ipollo twitter account to tweet this?

Until then, I suggest everyone to be careful.


I did get an reply from AntPool:

I also was allowed to make a DM message public between “AntPool Official CS - Rina” and me:


NHASH is the overseas brand of The9 (https://www.the9.com/) and former name is INTERHASH. NHASH has just been established, so it is may not familiar to people. You can check this and any questions, let us know.

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I oedered one in their website ,I asked them about your topic and they said they won’t ask me to pay before iPollo make a twtter and link ‘NHASH’.

I see no reason to trust nhash guys since they seem to be lying about antpool. At that point, even if ipollo tweets or put them on a website I still wouldn’t trust them since i see no reason why an honest org would lie about antpool and not be a scam. Thanks for verifying mike!


The good looking female-themed nicknames (Helen, Kathy etc.) that joined recently the forum, just to claim how thrustworty NHASH is are NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL :rofl:


iPollo official has linked NHASH on Twitter,iPollo G1 mini and G1 pre-sale, don’t miss out