What's happening iPollo?

The iPollo website has been updated and a buying cart has been created.
But, can’t order.

Website email address is different from what I bought G1-mini.

It looks like the site has been hijacked and turned into a SCAM??

Interhash, which seems to be a related company.
Interhash’s Twitter account has been suspended, website is also down.

I’m worried.

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Official website redirects to http Avoid send email and avoid send money at this time. I never seen before in official ipollo website mails: adrian@nano.com and tony@gmail.com

Their last tweet was on 26 Febriary

It is very difficult to buy G1s and access to ipollo.
Also, unfortunately they have not been active for 2 months.

Maybe its for the better. At first I was annoyed that I missed the forum-sale but after reading the feedback regarding the G1 Mini i think i might dodged a bullet here.

  1. The G1-Mini is so tiny that you would like to let it somewhere mine in the house. Just put it somewhere in the corner and let it do its thing. However it seems to be way to noisy to let it stay in the livingroom.
  2. The power-supply was so bad that for some users it broke and they had to replace it.
  3. Some devices did only provide half of the advertised hash-power, likely to cooling issues.
  4. cooling issues.
  5. hard to configure.
  6. poor documentation.
    After all to me it seems like its just too expensive for a little device with such shortcomings.
    On top of the mentioned issues iPollo itsself did not react to contact inquiries by interested folks for months. So iPollo seems to me like a company with really really bad support and a product that is at best mediocre. Grin deserved better.

I want to add one more thing.
I don’t want to spoil Ipollo’s motivation. Because I congratulate this company for releasing first Grin Asic device. However, I appreciate the G1-mini ideas and device naming.
Thanks for everything. Keep improving and please come back between us.

It does seem odd that a company would R&D and release a successful product with zero competition, only to sell < 1000 units for < $500k revenue. Innosilicon told us that their R&D was $1M+ for their Grin ASIC. Perhaps iPollo future productions are 100% presold to local Chinese farm(s) that will pick up in person. Surely their broken joke of a website and missing SSL are intentional to deliberately eliminate customer inquiries. It’s also possible that a deal was made from a single miner. If there was only one ASIC in existence for a promising privacy PoW project, and is from a new and small manufacturer, why not buy out all of the ASICs?

From my experience of the 5x G1-mini ASICs purchased, it’s a great product, and most of us, including myself, would buy more if given the opportunity. It’s the quietest ASIC I’ve ever owned, only uses 82W on average, fast ROI, compact, & good looking. The underpowered PSU solution is solved by purchasing 150W or greater PSU, as many/most of us have done. A fellow miner from the Grin discord provided me with this custom PSU solution involving 240W PSU and an integrated meter. He went as far as designing and printing iChicken logos on both sides of every meter box, “Direct to substrate full color printing process that will print anything on just about any flat surface. UV cured and more durable than even the powder coated enclosure.”

The 240W PSU used to power each G1-mini. Since these are only running @ 1/3 capacity, they should have an extremely long lifespan. So far so good!

The meter used: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013PKYAV6/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_C0RCAF962R0X8SR4WYJY?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Here’s what the meter displays while mining with G1-mini: Custom 240W PSU for iPollo G1-mini ASIC - YouTube


I want to buy the g1 mini but cant contact with ipollo.
They dont answer mail pm on forum to #ipollosales is dead no answer.
Did anybody contact they ??
I look for g1 on alibaba and aliexpress but no luck :confused:
Any sugestion ?

It seems that no one has been able to communicate with iPollo for some time now so here’s my attempt to buy more G1-Mini: [WTB][US] iPollo G1-mini ASICs, EVGA RTX 3090 Kingpins, EVGA G2/P2/T2 1600W PSUs

If I could I would have ordered more chickens. For now I will just wait for the next generation of miners to hit the market. Just hoping they will make it as accessible to the community as iPollo did, kudos for that.


Actually, if we wanted to, mining machines were only made of one type with the same hashrate for everyone in the world, of course if only the hashrate limitation could be done for c32, decentralization would be formed. If only Grin’s development funds were intended to create a small technology company that produces small mining machines like this one at home. Despite everything, This is the way it is today. Just hope.

The manufacturer announced yesterday on summit that it will be producing large quantities of G1 and G1 Mini


This is so awesome to hear I’m sure it will make a lot of people quite happy. Do you have a link to the announcement, Or do you mean the Twitter post? Ty @rockwell

Grin appears on the background of some pictures here: https://twitter.com/iPolloGlobal/status/1386332372690370563?s=20


Nice! can’t wait to get …mine …lol

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will there ever be a clear and cut way to communicate with them? what does one have to do in order to get in touch with them?

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I assume they will post here once the new batch is ready to be sold since that is when they want our money :stuck_out_tongue: .
I want more G1 Mini’s as well, hope they improve the heat sync and power supply though.


I would gladly chip in for mini